10 Google Analytic Reports to Boost Your Business

First of all, let us get straight to the fact: Google analytics has loads of data, and so you have to restrict your research to the information or the type of data you particularly desire to gather.

Therefore, to boost your business, these following reports will help you a lot.

Google Analytic Reports to Boost Your Business
Google Analytic Reports to Boost Your Business

Site Search Options

Give people freedom of searching their desired information that, in turn, will help you know the preferences and interests of your customers, so that you create more and more knowledge about what they show major interest towards.

For enabling this, provide a side search bar on your site by going into Google analytics> view settings> site search. In this way, you’re going to know what type of webinars, blog posts, lead magnets or content or even products and services your customers directly target.

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Behavior Flow Report

When a traffic source enters hour webpage, you must track its movement thoroughly for good knowhow of their behavior they possess on your page, that is, being on your website, which options they are selecting, what content they are preferring and then switching to where from where. All this can be recorded by a Google analytic behavior flow report. In this way, you navigate which content is making them get bored and leave the site too early or which one is making them bound to be there for quite a good span of minutes or sometimes, hours, meanwhile good site research.

Goals Analysis Report

Besides reviews and traffic, the conversations rate existing on your web must be taken into consideration as well. For this, you must keep an eye on which particular business activities by customers are helping you grow in your business. For that, you must set up a plan that can be done by creating a basic goal inside Google analytics.

Social Media Reporting

Social media is a basic judgment providing mean to check your business growth with. How many likes, how much engagements on your social media accounts? That can be known by your social media report that separately reports about your complete Facebook, Instagram and Twitter activities and visits.

Mobile Sites

Many people prefer using sites on phone instead of desktops, which result in the big fonts and designs overlapping or being not so perfect after all on much smaller screens as compared to laptops or personal computers. Sometimes, slow phone working also results. This can provide an outcome of decrease in your customer’s traffic, leaving sites in frustration after phone issues.

The loss can be, thus, examined by checking mobile and desktop conversion rates that can further tell you how much you’re losing as customers and then further in monetary values.

Top Pages

You can also judge which particular posts and pages on your business sites are gaining most of the traffic so that you know they are the ones for improving your business. This helps in bringing more traffic and happy customers to your sites after setting and dedicating more goals and improvements to them.

Google Analytics for Fire Base

The Google Analytics enables retailers and owners of business sites to look up at their stocks and find their availability or unavailability and then enlightening their customers about it. It helps to speed up the overall business process, undoubtedly.

Type of Content – Reporting

Apart from pages and posts, the type of content (videos/blog posts/vlogs/etc.) that your page is creating, that is attracting an audience and search traffic has real importance. This feature can bring more improvement to your business after you pay more attention to this particular content. We have some tips for your small business as well. Incorporate the five basic Google Analytics add-ons in your small business website and see the magic.

The Product Report

Based on customers’ likeness and ratings to designs, colors, texture, etc. to the products, the reporting is done as to which product is popular and which is not even preferred by the visiting or regular customers. The judgments are also made on the rate certain products are returned with.

The Life-Time Value Reporting

Even as a keen observer, your judgments on your web can go wrong. You may have been paying more attention to the pages and content you’re investing a lot and comparatively more in. And you would be expecting to gain most from them, and you may believe that you indeed are. But the reality can be a reversed situation as well since the factors such as conversion rates etc. can lead to a decline in your profit margin.

So, you can not accurately know whether you are actually losing or gaining. Relying completely on the completion of your goals is not a good idea. Meanwhile, Google analytics Lifetime value report comes for rescue and explains the actual value you have gained from your business activities (whether sales, marketing, etc.) through your pages, channels, and thorough contents, etc.