10 Unique ‘Something Blues’ For Your Wedding Day

Some wedding traditions have fallen by the wayside in favor of a more modern approach. Others remain timeless. Getting something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue is a tradition that remains steadfast today.

Something Blues

If you’re at a loss for your “something blue” here are ten unique ideas to get you started.

Your Dress

One of the most unique and eye-catching twists on something blue is to wear a blue dress. Don’t get overwhelmed by the thought of looking like a blueberry: a subtle tint of blue looks stunning. You can find an example of this fantastic look at www.azazie.com. The cloudy blue and misty blue dresses are to die for.

Your Shoes

Dyeing your shoes a gorgeous shade of blue adds a stunning contrast when wearing a white dress. This pop of color is fun and unexpected. If blue shoes aren’t your style, add a small blue heart to the bottom of each or have the undersides painted blue.

Your Jewelry

Incorporate sapphires or blue diamonds into your jewelry. Whether you opt to make it the focal point or add a subtle touch to your bracelet or veil is up to you. For those who don’t want this piece of jewelry to be the star of the show, using a bobby-pin or clip with blue embellishments is a subtle way to stick to the tradition.

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Your Bouquet

Adding blue flowers to your bouquet is a unique, rarely seen a way to incorporate something blue into your wedding day look. Blue hydrangeas are a particularly stunning choice and work well in a late summer wedding. Delphiniums and bellflowers are magnificent for boho and country rustic weddings as well.

Your Nails

Opt for blue nail polish when you get your pre-wedding pedicure. Alternatively, add a blue accent nail to your manicure. Pro tip: have your accent nail be your ring finger to make things easier for your partner during the ceremony.

A Bouquet Charm

If blue jewelry and nails don’t fit your overall theme, add a subtle charm to your bouquet. This option goes well with adding the photo of a deceased loved one to your bouquet as well, which is a great way to honor someone you wish could have been there to celebrate.

Your Lingerie

Wearing blue lingerie under your gown can be a sexy secret to share with your partner on the wedding night. This fun surprise is a unique twist on the traditional something blue and white bridal lingerie.

Your Clutch

While you may not carry your clutch down the aisle, it’s an invaluable tool to have for the reception. Opt for a stunning shade of Tiffany blue or a softer, more subtle tint.

The Ring Box

Speaking of Tiffany blue, having a blue ring box is a great way to celebrate in style. It will make your rings impossible to misplace and looks great during the ring exchange portion of the ceremony.

A Flower Crown

If you aren’t a fan of the veil and want to go for a fairytale vibe, opt for a blue flower crown. Blue daisies and hydrangeas create the perfect look for a spring or summer wedding, especially when worn with a flowy, airy gown.

There are a lot of fun ways to incorporate this tradition into your wedding without sacrificing your style. Double the fun by borrowing something blue to check off two boxes at once.