11 Ways to Make Money Without a Job

Getting a job these days is not that easy. You have to work very hard to get a good job, which includes making a CV that stands out from the rest to help you get shortlisted. We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees. However, there are many ways to earn some quid for yourself. Now, coming back to the topic. Is there really any way or ways to make money while you are asleep or without a job?

The answer is Yes. We have plenty of tested and practiced ways to make money without having a lush job. Do you ever think to sell mobile phone that is not in use? If yes then you definitely know about other ways as well to make money from home.

Make Money Without a Job

We have an exciting topic to discuss today: best ways to make money without a job. As we discussed earlier if you do a little bit of mind work and research you can find out many ways which can help you to earn money without a job. In today’s world, it can be really hard to get a good regular job. And even if you find it, the salary package may not be enough to meet all your expenses. As a single parent, I can easily understand this situation.

As most of us, it’s not possible to simply buy 10 houses and rent them out and watch the money flow in.  But here are some ways that can help you escape the ordinary desk job and be your own boss. So without further ado, let’s check the ways both online and offline that can help you to earn £ £ £.

Enter the Game Shows, Competitions or Contests

It looks really exciting and thrilling, being a star on TV and getting paid to do so.  One of the best ways to earn a lot of money is by entering any popular game show in your region and try your luck by displaying the knowledge you have.  If you have confidence and knowledge then don’t be shy in front of the cameras and try this method. Google the best TV shows in your area, contact the management over there and enter the show to try your luck.

These contests and game shows can bring you a lot of money without having a job. Yes, there are few chances for you to win but you can increase your winning chances by entering every game show and contest. And if is there is luck, you can win a handsome amount of money.

Buy Things and Sell Them

We know that not every one of us is able to invest in houses. Now the point over here is that houses are not the ONLY thing that can give cash in return. Everything from toys to mobile phones can give you some cash in return. So, do some planning, buy those things which you think can get high price return in future. And sell them at the right time.

The thing is, houses aren’t the only thing that goes up in price. Everything from old toys to used cars, the rise in price. So, buy the things now and sell them at the right time to make some money with no work at all.

Do Calligraphy

If your handwriting is good then use it to make money without a job. You can do calligraphy. You can transform your calligraphy skills into cash especially when there is wedding season around or baby showers, birthday parties or any other special occasion. This is a kind of freelance business and you can succeed in it by getting referrals as well as promoting yourself on social media.

Rent Out Your Room

It becomes easier to earn money without a job if you decide to rent out your belongings such as your room or car. Your spare room is getting dusty day by day so rent it out to earn some money. People like tourists and travelers can pay you for staying in your room and in return you can fill your wallet with £ £ £ without breaking any sweat. You can also offer your not-in-use rooms while you are on holiday vacations.

You can also rent your car or even your parking lot to earn money. Especially if you live in a big busy city, you will find a lot of people who need such kinds of places to park their cars.

Recycle Your Old Gadgets

Do you ever visit mobile phone recycle compare websites? If not, then we suggest you visit such sites now. We all have a bunch of stuff, including mobile phones that we no longer use. So why not recycle them and get some money without having to work?
Choose any of your old gadgets, for instance, a mobile phone, and recycle it. In return, you will earn a good amount of money which you use to buy a new mobile phone for yourself.


If you love to make unique videos then we suggest letting these videos pay you. Make your own YouTube channel and monetize it and upload your unique videos from time to time. You will get paid for every view of your videos. Aside from YouTube, you can try Break or Twitch as well.

Earn Through Playing Video Games

Did you ever know that you can earn a huge amount of cash just by playing your favorite video game? The answer is Yes. Anshe Chung became a millionaire by doing this. You can sell items and property to the games like Second Life and World of Warcraft to earn without a job. You need to be seriously dedicated to creating the characters as great as possible.


The development in technology has brought us new ways to make money without having a job and one of the most paid is to drive for others. You all must know the names of Uber and Lyft, and definitely, know how these work. You can apply to work as a driver at these services. Drop the people that need a ride and earn a handsome amount of money.

Become a Tutor

If you are an expert in any language or subject and love to teach then you should become a tutor. The reason behind is that the tutoring business is flourishing these days and tutors are getting a lot of cash. It is a great job as you meet new people, help them in learning new things, and also build a powerful long-lasting relationship with your students. You can take help from tutor.com

Walk Dogs

Yes, you read it right. Walk the dogs and earn money. Most of dog owners are continuously looking for someone to walk their dogs while they are at work. So, if you have no work to do and looking to earn some amount then help these people by walking their dogs. You can search for opportunities around you through newspapers or websites.

Online Surveys

Completing online surveys can help you earn a few more quid. Just visit the online surveys sites, complete the surveys, and earn money in return. But before that make sure to choose a website or survey app which is totally legitimate.

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