12 Doodle How to For Bullet Journals


There are journals for almost everything. You will see people making journals for different activities like the daily chores, reading, fitness and many more. These activity trackers are the traditional yet an effective way to know what you have covered and what is coming your way.

But there is one thing which you need to work on. If you keep your journal dull, repetitive and simple; then the notes, lists, and everything will feel boring, and you would eventually lose interest in making one.

The solution to this annoying problem is pretty simple. Explore your creative skills by doodling some simple and easy-to-draw images or drawings which can inject a new life in your dull and repeated list of things.

How to For Bullet Journals

Here in this article, we have brought you 12 ways to learn how to doodle. After going through the following ideas, you will find it easy to draw things and make it fun. Break these 12 headings into 12 days, of course; you cannot become an expert in just one day.

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Simple Doodle:

Start off by making a simple doodle. If your area newcomer in the world of doodling, then it is advisable for you to start from scratch. Start by drawing a simple image with the least possible detailing done on it. Repeat the doodle, again and again, choose between different images. You can draw a simple plant, a flower, a kettle or even a lollipop. But just keep it simple.

Fun Doodle:

On the second day, draw the fun doodles. Fun is a subjective factor that varies from one person to another. Draw anything which you feel fun. There is no boundary, no instructions and no limit to this particular doodle. JUST DRAW WHAT YOU WANT!

Abstract Doodle:

The abstract doodle on day three is one of its kind. The abstract art requires no logic or common sense. Just think about something and draw it using different lines, shapes, and colors. Just like the thing we mentioned before, leave behind every sense and feeling. Make the doodle that your heart wants.

Small Doodle:

Once you know the know-how of the basic doodling like the basic and abstract along with different colors, you can step forward. Now you are set to start with the small doodles. These doodles do not take the majority of space available on a page.

It is preferable to draw these doodles on the spaces left below the paragraphs or even after the end of the list. This doodle can be an abstract or simple doodle. Draw whatever you want, but keep the thing to a restricted size.

Big Doodle:

Now that you know how to make the small doddle, you must know how to make the big doodles. These images can take the whole page of your journal or even the two opposite pages combined.

These doodles are usually helpful in assisting you to colorize the long lists and paragraphs which take the space of more than one page. Being an expert at this requires patience and practice. But once you start getting the whole concept, you will find it easy.

Colorful Doodles:

A good artist is the one who knows how to use the colors in right ways. Explore the artist in you, by trying the different combinations of colors.

Draw do patterns, then paint it with the colors in the same hue. After this, try the contrasting colors and see which one you like. Incorporate the colors on in your journal.

Black and White Doodles:

Completely opposite to what we mentioned previously. The black and while doodle is a simple image with no color at all. It is a sketch of a picture, made with the black pen on white paper. The contrasting colors a vintage idea, but a very useful way to add class to your journal.

Animal Doodles:

As the name says, this doodle contains the pictures of animals. Go on the internet, find how to draw an animal doodle, learn the process and practice it by using the different types of doodles which we already discussed.

Plant Doodles:

Plants, just like animals, can be drawn in an easy way. The only thing you need is to find ways to draw plants in journals. The plant doodles are the most popular doodles around the writer’s community. The plants are more colorful than anything else, easier to draw and more attractive.

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