3 Exercise Myths Everyone is Still Doing

Many people have their own exercise routine. Some exercise by jogging around their neighborhood, while others go to a special gym in Manila where they get trained by fitness trainers.

There are 2 reasons why people usually start exercising. One is because they want to have a better, healthier lifestyle, and the other is to have a better-looking body. Both of which, however, is the end result of doing more exercise as time goes on.

3 Exercise Myths Everyone is Still Doing

3 Exercise Myths Everyone is Still Doing
3 Exercise Myths Everyone is Still Doing

The problem that stems from this is that some people exercise without the proper knowledge. Most people only get their exercise ideas from the internet and improve from there. However, it is important to know that not everything on the internet is true and reliable.

In this case, here are 3 exercise myths that everyone is still doing because of the information they find on the internet.

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Stretching Before Working Out

This is a very common misconception among people who are new to exercising and working out. Most people think of stretching when they are trying to warm-up when in reality, these two are different. Yes, you can do a bit of stretching as part of your warm-up, however, it won’t necessarily benefit you.

Stretching is best done after you finish exercising. This is because stretching helps in cooling down your muscles after your workout. It helps ease blood circulation and soothe a bit of the soreness that comes right after a routine. It also makes the recovery of your muscles go faster.

Drinking Only Energy Drinks

Particularly for those who do light exercises, you won’t need to drink sports drink while you do it. Most of the time water will suffice. You don’t need to drink sports drinks when you do low-intensity exercises like biking, or running on a treadmill for an hour or less.

The most efficient time for you drinking sports drinks is when you are doing high-intensity exercises that last longer than an hour. Activities such as marathons, triathlons, or 3 hour-long training regimes are the best times to drink energy drinks.

Doing Crunches as a Primary Ab Exercise

Chances are, some people do exercises just because they want abs. They would also be recommended by most of the people they know to do crunches to easily obtain this. Doing crunches may be an easy ab exercise, but it is not the most efficient one out there.

Doing crunches will not result in abs when you do it for a long time. There are many better, more effective core exercises that do the work of crunches. Exercises such as planking, core stabilizers, and core oblique bends are just some of many exercises that will help you achieve those six packs

Key Takeaway

Exercising is something that many people do. People do it to look better, or to simply be healthy. With so many guides and information on how to exercise on the internet, make sure to do a fact check and eliminate the myths such as the ones mentioned above, from the truly useful information!

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