Top 3 Major Corporate Gifting Mistakes


If you are looking for a fun way to ensure that your business is doing just fine when it comes to building relationships with your clients then you need to consider the strategy of corporate gifting. Gift giving is an amazing gesture of goodwill and positivity even in our daily routine relationships but when it comes to a business, you need to make sure that you are the number 1 priority of your client and you are always on their mind, now this will obviously need some effort and investment which is why the practice of corporate gifting is highly suggested in your workplace.

Corporate gifts are not only given to your clients in fact, these gifts are also used to appreciate the hard work and efforts of your employees. Yes, you read it right, you need to gift something valuable and useful to your employees and your staff too.  This is no less than an investment because you see if you will appreciate your employee for the hard work he does then obviously it will make him happy and he will try to produce even better results the next time which again is useful for your business.

3 Major Corporate Gifting Mistakes

3 Major Corporate Gifting Mistakes
3 Major Corporate Gifting Mistakes

The trend of corporate gifting is rapidly increasing at the moment and there are several online corporate gifts portal where you can easily buy reasonably priced gifts so yes, this won’t be an issue for you. However, before implementing this strategy in your workplace, you need to be careful about a few things, which are;

1. Confusing Gifts

Never, we repeat, never gift anything to your client that is double meaning or has an unclear purpose. You never know if your gift can be interpreted in a wrong way and this honestly something you don’t want especially if you sent that gift as a gesture of goodwill. Be clear with your gifts and make sure that you are asking for opinions before choosing any one particular gift. Moreover, it’s better to send a handwritten note with your gift so that it can clear out the purpose of sending the gift.

2. Overly Cheap or Too Expensive gifts

You need to buy a gift for your client that is neither too cheap nortooo expensive. Cheap gifts can pretty much offend the other person and this can cause some serious trouble to your business. On the other hand, too expensive gifts can again send out a wrong message to your client. So, be very careful while picking on any particular gift. It should be something useful and something that suits the corporate level. Again, it’s always better to ask for an opinion from a friend or a colleague.

3. Promotional Product Gifts

Corporate gifting comes nowhere near promotional gifts so make sure that you are genuinely buying a new gift from the market and then sending it to your client. Never use any gift that has something like your logo, your brand’s name on it or anything that promotes your brand as this can put a seriously negative impression on your customer. Your gift should be something that indicates and shows the other person that yes you care about them as a client and yes, they are important to your business.

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These are a few corporate gifting mistakes that can seriously damage the image of your company. So, the next time you buy any corporate gift or send it to any of your client, make sure that you are not making the exact same mistakes. Use a handwritten note to always convey your message in a clearer way.