4 Things Most Brides Overlook When Planning Their Wedding

A bride has everything on her mind the day of her wedding, even though the only thing she should be thinking about is walking down the aisle and having the best day of her life. No bride forgets the cake or the dress, but there are some less compelling wedding-planning details that could get forgotten in the rush. Here are a few of them.

Most Brides Overlook When Planning Their Wedding

1. Wedding day emergency kit

This is just a small makeup bag, or a purse if you want, filled with some “just in case” items. Items like Advil for that headache caused by your future mother-in-law; a tube of eyelash glue in case some crying has unglued them; or some wipes for that possible spill on your dress when the night really kicks off. Everything from double-sided tape to a sewing kit and deodorant can be a lifesaver on the big day.

2. Figure out tips and gratuities in advance

Wedding budgets are usually itemized down to the last cent, but you cannot forget a necessary expense: tips! If you hire a band or DJ or even gospel singers for weddings as you walk down the aisle, these performers deserve a “thank you” for making your special day even better. You should have cash on hand and put each tip into an envelope to make sure it doesn’t get lost.

3. Have a plan for the after-party:

We all have those friends that want to keep the fun times rolling. If you are having an out-of-town wedding, make sure you scope out the local dive bars or hot-spots near your venue. Even give them a call and see if they may stay open a little longer for you and your guests. It may cost some cash, but it could be the best time of your life! Also, don’t forget to remind people to bring IDs.

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4. Pre-wedding meals

You don’t want to skip breakfast on the day of your wedding. You will be excited for the amazing dinner you have planned, but you don’t want to feel faint or nauseous as you walk down the aisle. Yes, those nerves are going to pack a punch on your appetite, and more likely than not, you won’t feel like eating. But you should still eat. Designate a relative, bridesmaid, or groomsmen to pick up some snacks for everyone while you are getting ready.