5 Lube Substitutes You Should Avoid – Best Personal Lubricants

Using lubes during sex can easily enhance pleasure and add some excitement to the act. Using lubes helps you to have a great time with your partner without having to wait for her vagina to get sufficiently wet. There are various types of personal lubes in the market. Some are water based, some are oil based, and some are silicone based. Choosing the right one entirely depends on your need, budget, and any allergic reactions.

Best Personal Lubricants

Substitutes to Lubes That You Should Avoid

Your vagina is one of the most delicate parts of your entire body. Applying harsh products in your vagina may cause several types of health problems for you. Although you may use lubes during sexual intercourse, at times you may feel the urge to use alternatives to lubes. However, using any substitute may prove to be dangerous for your partner according to https://lubezone.org. Here are some lube substitutes that you should avoid at all costs.

#1. Shortening:

This cooking staple happens to be oil based. This simply means that using it with condoms is strictly prohibited. In reality, shortening may prove to be a horrible personal lube substitute. It is not as slippery as you may want it to be and for most of the users, it is not effective, as well. Shortening is not made especially for vaginal use. Thus, using it in your vagina may easily irritate the area.

#2. Petroleum Jelly:

Although petroleum jellies look more or less like personal lubes, using such a product can give rise to various types of infections. It can make you more prone to suffering from bacterial vaginosis and can also damage condoms very easily.

3. Baby Oil:

Although baby oil is delicate and meant to be used on the external layer of the skin of a baby, it is still a petroleum-based product. Using it during sex in place of personal lubes can damage the effectiveness of condoms by destroying the latex. If you use baby oil inside your vagina, it can easily give rise to yeast infection. If you are allergic to yeast infection, then using baby oil in place of lubes is not a good idea.

4. Your Spit:

Spit is naturally wet, and it is there with you all the time. This may easily make you want to use it in place of a personal lube. However, studies have revealed that it is not as slippery as a personal lube should be. It is also true that your spit can facilitate the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. It can also give rise to infection in your vagina just like any unprotected sex can.

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5. Lotion:

Pick any lotion of your choice and you will find several types of potential irritants in the product. These include propyl glycols and perfumes. These can easily give rise to selling, general irritation, and puffiness in your vaginal area.

If you have to use alternatives, then you may try pure aloe vera and coconut oil. These are less harsh on your vagina and do not cause any harm. Nevertheless, natural vagina lubrication is still the safest and will always come handy. It can be improved by sticking to a healthy diet and using these jade eggs from Yonieggs.co in doing pelvic floor exercises.