5 Online Business Success Stories

Finding a market for your products and services can be arduous if you are in the wrong location or if you aren’t well-known. There’s only so much you can do by yourself and only a limited amount of people you can reach despite the quality of your services. This is where the internet comes in; you can place your page within reach of a greater audience by using the right tools and packaging your products such that it appeals to even the most skeptical of consumers.

This is called social media marketing and you can do it yourself if you have the know-how or alternatively, you can employ a good social media management company to create a content based on your ideas to advertise your services using one or more of the popular social media applications.

Online Business Success Stories

Online Business Success Stories
Online Business Success Stories

I’d use examples of success stories from a post by Andrew Raso written for the infusion soft website where he focused on small businesses who realized success via online marketing. These stories should illustrate that if you are smart or innovative enough, you don’t need to spend extravagantly to promote your business since all you’d need are the right ideas and the right platforms to put your business or your products within the reach of an extensive audience.

Working on your content and direct engagement with your followers are always positive ways of social media marketing. The following companies below grew their small businesses from little using proper SEO optimization and they’ll help show you the necessity of creating the right content for your prospective clients.

#1. Herschel Supply Co.

Herschel Supply Co. was a small scale company that manufactured travel bags, backpacks, and related accessories. As the company grew, they set about innovative ways to improve their engagement with fans and customers so they set a groundbreaking but achievable goal: Talk to everyone.

They aimed to use social media to reply to every question or comment on their pages even when it didn’t relate specifically to their business. According to Allison Butula, who is the digital marketing manager for the company: “Using Hootsuite, social media granted us opportunities to be closer and more attentive to our customers on a personal level. Creating this relationship with our customers while simultaneously solving their problems results in satisfied customers and ensures they will return for more business in the future.”

The success of this new approach was so massive that Hootsuite reported a 20 percent rise in customer service satisfaction for customers of Herschel Supply Co.

This shows the effect of direct engagement and customer satisfaction. It costs a lot of time and might require employing someone to handle customer services but at about half a million Facebook fans, Herschel Supply Co. are unquestionably following the right steps.

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#2. Repair Clinic

Repair Clinic was a small company based in Michigan-based with a specialty in supplying parts and accessories for fixing most home appliances. While they maintained a local store for sales of these products, they also shipped their products nationwide to homeowners in need.

Repair Clinicexploited the popularity of social media (chiefly Facebook and YouTube)  to reach and increase their followers by using sites such as Facebook and YouTube to regularly render free, valuable and in-depth repair videos on their websites. These videos worked like a magic as before long, most people who watched their videos also requested for supply of parts from them.

Besides informing their audience in easily comprehensible steps how to fix various home appliances, these videos served the purpose of providing traffic via organic search listings for Repair Clinic and consequently, their popularity as a valuable source for fix-it-yourself tips was firmly established.

#3. Cupcake Royale

Cupcake Royale like their name is royalty in how they have optimized social media in the promotion of their cupcakes with special emphasis on being trendy and satisfying their numerous customers. Cupcake Royale utilizes promotions and contests across Channels to grow their followers on Facebook (over 60,000 fans), Instagram and even SnapChat.

Their strategy is to make fans feel involved in the business decision via social media, an opinion is considered in creating new menus especially during seasonal changes by creating the opportunity for fans to suggest new flavors they’d be interested in sampling. Guess what? It’s been working like a charm so far and progressively, more customers love Cupcake Royale.

#4. Optimal Run

Optimal Run is a company based in Richmond, Virginia that specializes in producing footwear. They package their products to appeal to both their customer’s aesthetic sensibilities and their emotional need to feel taken care of. Their unique method of handling customer satisfaction is by ensuring their customers get exactly the footwear of their dreams. They designed a recommendation page where customers can input information about their footwear requirement and they ensure these personalized (customized) footwears get to their customers.

One amazing facet of their customer handling team is the time they put into sharing individualized video responses through social media and also direct want to make sure their customers find the personalized footwear they need, so they created a “recommendation” page where customers provide information about their footwear needs. Additionally, options exist through which customers can get discounts for recommending their services.

#5. Hubba

While Hubba has carved a niche in the brick and Mortar business, they do not produce brick, mortar or other related construction products. Rather, they are a tech company that aids buyers in their search for information on products they are interested in while additionally recommending related or newer products that could be preferable to the product they were considering.

Hubba utilized social media to develop interesting channels on thought leadership, industry trends reports, and also a meeting point that stimulates engagement between consumers and the brands they intend to purchase from. Optimizing their use of Social media greatly flourished their brand—Consequently, for their continued innovation and excellence, Hubba was in 2016 awarded the first position in North America on the esteemed Red Herring Top 100 most exciting startups.

For more examples of small business Success stories, you can check the accompanying link for a few ideas that might inspire you; https://www.infusionsoft.com/business-success-blog/marketing/social-media/7-small-businesses-that-showcase-social-media-success

Social Media Marketing

Now the problem a lot of companies face might be choosing the right social platform to market their products. Despite Facebook being the most popular social network based on active users, there is no definitive way of ranking the best social media platforms, especially when your focus is pushing your business forward.

If you’re trying to decide which platforms to invest it, you’ll also need to decide what kind of customers you’re trying to attract. Some of the best social platforms to consider exploiting due to their large user base and a number of active users include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

If you’re just testing or starting social media marketing and you are low on capital for using, using do-it-yourself tools might be a great way in. These tools can help you manage your own campaigns with simple interfaces created for easy use by even the most obtuse social media manager novice.

They are very affordable, and you can practice by using free versions before deciding which one to buy. Three important tips to remember if you are using these tools by yourself, use positive words or tones, provide solutions to your efforts and do your best to always reply.

Social Media Management Services

However, if you properly want to make a difference on social media, you’re going to need to contact a social media management service to improve the quality of your marketing content. So many of your potential clients are attracted to tested and trusted patterns and often these may be in the form of proper content presentation or use of strategically placed keywords. Achieving this would require the employment of professionals for social media management services, and it’s imperative that you completely comprehend the benefits and some services you should expect them to undertake for you.

Social media management services provide personalized services and provide you with professionals who handle everything from the marketing strategy required, scheduling posts, planning paid advertising etc. Factors which social media management services consider in order to properly build your content include. The size of your company, How often you plan on posting, The type of services you require, Which platforms should you target to share content on?

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The efficient use of analytics for your web promotions needs, deciding on how or if you’ll cater to customer service via social media. What are the functions of social media in your specific industry? What is the competitive viewpoint in your niche and how do you take advantage? What are your exact goals for utilizing social media services? Identifying your target audience and preparing your social media content to cleverly engage them.

The benefits and functions of Social media management services include: sharing content on social media, creating planned schedules for your social media posts, handling target audience engagements, managing your responses, expanding on your selling points so you stand out, maximizing your time so you focus on other things, improving your SEO strategy, building or growing your social following/ brand awareness, increasing possibility for sales and directly your revenue, improving your company services amongst other things.

When it comes to social media management services, the cost is completely dependent on the responsibilities you’d like them to handle; the varying costs make it imperative to request a quote before you make a final decision. If you are interested in these companies who offer expert assistance to fit and lift your business and its needs, the best three available social media management companies are Hibu Social, Lyfe Marketing, SociallyIn. There are many others, but these are the top three in my opinion when it comes to professional content, the speed of delivery, customer relations and making easier schedules you can easily handle.

In conclusion, you’ve probably lived somewhere before and didn’t realize a perfectly good eatery or bar was in your locality, he is how it can be when you have quality products but people are completely unaware of their existence. Social media in today’s world should be an integral part of any business since creating a demand for your services is the fundamental method of creating a customer base.

Stats show than 4 billion people use social media globally, and there are 11 new users per second. Also, a lot of people skip newspaper ads and with the declining number of radio listeners and the high cost of television ads, Social media management tools and services can help you reach this broad audience.

However, a lot of small businesses may lack the time or knowledge to truly impact the trendy social platforms; fortunately, social media management services provide the knowledge and resources to manage your social media presence properly. By pushing targeted posting, using sponsored ads, and a broad range of social media tactics, their services can take your social media positioning to the best levels.