5 Reasons Why you Should Get into Home Cooking

During the pandemic, it is no secret that there were severe moments of boredom. Between the media stories of the virus spreading, and new rules about social restrictions, people sat at home and got fed up. This is a fact borne out by the uptick in Netflix memberships, and the increase in online gaming. But many chose another hobby to get into, cooking and baking. 

Cooking at home became something that millions started to take more interest in. Instead of visiting restaurants – they were closed – recipes were researched instead. There are plenty of good reasons why you should consider taking up more home-cooking, even now those lovely restaurants are open again. 

Find the right gadgets and appliances first

Before you see some of the reasons why you should consider cooking from home at least some days a week, you might want to see what gadgets and appliances you have. Not everyone has a fully fitted kitchen. But the good news is, you don’t necessarily need one. There are loads of gadgets on the market for cooking, but a lot of these are unnecessary.

 If you have a small kitchen, perhaps in an apartment, then consider investing in one appliance to help you. A multi-cooker or an air fryer might be all you need to get started with your new hobby. You may wonder if cooking with an air fryer is healthy? Or can a multi-cooker really do all you want? Well, as you are about to read, millions of people are making great home-cooked meals with just one of these appliances.

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 Five reasons to cook more food at home

 1. There are loads of resources everywhere

This means that you are not going to be alone wondering what to do with your new Instant Pot or air fryer. Indeed, there are tons of websites and blogs for air fryer recipes alone. Streaming channels are crammed with cooking shows to grab your interest and inspire you. And your local book shop will have plenty of printed cookery books. 

2. You will save money

According to Renolon, Americans spend $50 billion every year just on fast food. While everyone knows that going to a restaurant can be an enjoyable experience, and occasionally a burger is all you want, it costs more than cooking at home. 

One reason that people don’t cook at home is that they believe it takes too long, and it is too expensive. This is something of a myth. Air fryers reduce cooking time by 20% and multi-cookers can be preset to cook while you are coming back from work. 

Pressure cookers are also very good at tenderizing the most affordable cuts of meat such as brisket. While air fryers cut out the need to buy cooking oil. Plus, the ingredients you buy will go further than one restaurant meal does. And you don’t need to leave a tip.

 3. You can vary your diet

It is important to vary a diet anyway, but just to keep things interesting, you will be able to learn new recipes. You never need to stick to the same dishes. By clicking on https://www.cookingschooldropout.com/air-fryer-crispy-pata/ you will get to try out something that perhaps you have never cooked before.

 4. You can share the fun with your children and teach them too

Cooking is something that can be shared by all the family. If the weeknights are too busy, then take time out at the weekend to bake a cake, or make a dish together. Cooking and explaining ingredients is one of the effective and enjoyable methods to teach healthy eating habits to preschoolers. Starting children off the right way with their eating habits can set them up for a healthier future.

 5. You will benefit the planet and local environment

Believe it or not, just by cooking at home, you will help the world to be a better place. Okay, if you’re a bad cook then your family might not agree so much. Nonetheless, you can use an air fryer to reduce your cooking oil waste. Disposing of cooking oil incorrectly harms the environment.

 You can compost your food waste too. And, you can reduce packaging by shopping carefully. According to the EPA, 30.5 million tonnes of packaging ended up in landfills in 2018. This is despite packaging being one of the most recycled items there is. You have to wonder how many pizza boxes and takeout foil trays go to landfills every year.


Cooking at home has surged in popularity in recent times. Firstly, the rise of the celebrity chef saw an interest in restaurant food that wasn’t there before. Then TV shows started to get people looking at what they could make themselves. 

Once the air fryer and Instant Pot were launched, there were even more people committed to trying out new recipes. Cooking at home can be very enjoyable, but it also has great benefits such as saving money, being creative, and you can share the experience with your children.