5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Attracting Right Audience

Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that – Paul Cookson. A website is a lot more than just a design made live online, presenting your businessit’s beyond that. Many people think that they have conquered the world by getting a custom website design, but soon after a couple of months, you find them asking people if why aren’t they getting any sales yet. If you can relate to this situation, there is nothing wrong with it, because you have paid for something you aren’t qualified for – So are you trusting your designers too blindly? Let’s figure out mistakes that are repelling the right audience and creating barriers in generating business online.

#1 Design, Colors & Typography

By design, we clearly don’t mean website design material, here we mean that, does it look like what your audience is expecting? Let say you are invented for the biggest technology event you are already expecting some digital effects and set up arrangements to experience new tools and devices.

Why Your Website Is Not Attracting
Design, Colors & Typography

Similarly, your brand name (your logo design) has already given a clue about your business, and now the audience is interested in visiting you online. Therefore, think from the customer’s perspective because most sites are developed just the way every other site looks like, and hence when the site goes like, you sound much similar like and look to cliché. Test colors and typography by taking help of different people opinions either if they find things contracting, and fortunately if you haven’t got the custom website design services, then get the best team by your side for example Scouse web design, because right things are not always as expensive as you have supposed.

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#2 Speeds & Broken Links

Speeds & Broken Links
Speeds & Broken Links

If your website is taking ages to load, trust us you are already losing 98 percent of the sales! Check your site by website speed testing sites but here are some as you need to rush your site designer immediately to fix these unforgivable mistakes.

  • Large Size Images
  • Third-Party Code
  • Cache Errors
  • Frequent Redirects
  • CSS files & JavaScript

Since the internet has only a maximum of 60 seconds of patience, you need to know that your target audience is getting frustrated by waiting and try your best to make it load in less than 3 seconds. Broken links show that you have forgotten your site after making it live. Things online are never spared especially if you own a business serving people online. With custom website design, from code to images, everything is added while keeping the site weightless.

#3 Responsiveness Matters

A website design should be so flexible that no matter how small or large the screen it displays in the best way. Nobody is going to wave you back if your site lacks quality responsiveness because if they are struggling to get the hands-on menu and it just does not come under their thumb rather go under the screen edges, it’s simply going to give them a legit reason to quit instantly.

Responsiveness Matters
Responsiveness Matters

On the other hand, if your site performs well, loads instantly it will grasp the attention immediately without giving any impression of your irresponsibility towards online presences. Therefore, ask your website design team to get your site to fix if it is not behaving well on different platforms like a tablet, mobile (any cool or uncool), Personal computers, and laptops.

4# Call-to-Action Buttons

Call-to-Action Buttons
Call-to-Action Buttons

Maybe it’s too heavy even to digest this fact, but call-to-actions are the sales tunnels of your site. If they are not doing what they are meant for, there is no point to expect any sale. The main reason why most users do not trust the site to perform well is that once they click to Call-to-Action button like ‘Try Now’, ‘Get Instant Quote’ is that they are not reaching to the expected page.

A good example to mention here would be a hotel booking through websites. If your site is navigating users to the Netherlands instead of the expected page you are surely giving them a reason to leave instantly. So check your site if it is clearly mentioning your product with a proper call or not.

Since call-to-actions are not only about creating buttons and placing it oversite, there comes the need of professional custom website design team that creates the whole persona with creative yet most potent CTAs that not only generate sales but also help your convent customer by creating the best impression online.

5# Cheap Images & Excessive Space

Cheap Images & Excessive space
Cheap Images & Excessive space

Gone are days when customer supports company uses cheesy images from free stock images. When you opt for professional website designers, you are basically, investing in the long-term benefits of your online business. With professionals, you will avail the facility to get the quality images that balance out the whole theme into one distinctive personality that not only impress but also keep the design unique and classy.

Though we all are aware of minimalism, it should not mean to overdo it or just keep it so simple that visitors get confused if you are even started anything selling yet or not. In short, do not fall for trends if you are starting up your business, because you need to be very vocal, very attractive and striking when it comes to building your own custom-based.