5 Situations When Taking a Personal Loan is a Good Idea


A Personal Loan helps you get quick financing without having to risk a personal asset as collateral. While these loans can seem to come in handy during a cash crunch, it is essential for you to plan their repayment in advance and use the money wisely. It is important to weigh your needs against this funding solution to make the right choice.

Personal Loan

Personal Loan
Personal Loan

Take a look at these ideal calls for a Personal Loan.

To Improve Your Credit Score

Not only does a best Personal Loan give you more finances to use without restriction, but it also has lower interest rates compared to a credit card. So, if you’re looking to build your credit history with an unsecured loan, it is a great choice. Since a healthy mix of credit history can boost your score, taking and repaying a Personal Loan can help you get other loans in the future, like home loans, at a lower rate of interest.

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To Consolidate Your Debt

Taking a Personal Loan to consolidate debt is a wise decision. This is because you save money by paying interest only on one amount instead of paying off multiple interests on various debts each month. This helps you get debt-free faster and also improves your credit report and credit score in the long run.

To Finance Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies can arise during the most unexpected times. Instead of using multiple credit cards, you can take a Personal Loan customized for medical emergencies to enjoy faster processing of your loan application as well as a nominal interest.

To Pay For Travel And Home Improvement

A Personal Loan can give you up to Rs.25 lakh, which is a substantial amount for international travel or to remodel your home as per your specifications. For instance, your holiday involves costs like flight tickets, Visa application, hotel booking, food expenses, sightseeing, and more. A Personal Loan can help you easily pay for all these expenses without a hassle. Similarly, home improvement activities can be expensive especially when you need urgent repairs to be done. The purchase of materials, labor costs, structural restoration and more can all be taken care of with ease using funds from a Personal Loan.

To Pay For Wedding Or Education Expenses

You can use an instant Loan to pay for a wedding or finance your or your child’s education expenses. To make the most of a quick Loan in such instances, you can choose a lender who offers tailor-made loans with a Flexi Loan facility. This facility allows you to borrow multiple times from your total sanction as and when you need to and pay interest only on the used amount. This makes it ideal for sudden or unplanned expenses that are common in both weddings and educational pursuits.

Find the right Personal Loan for yourself and make the most of it by getting the best offer at the most nominal interest rate. Use both an eligibility calculator and an EMI calculator to start your financial planning in advance. This way you can forecast your EMIs and affordability, and only then apply for a Personal Loan.