6 Horror Stories of Amateur Painters

The web is filled with the stories of how the amateur painters had to repaint their house when the first application wasn’t done to perfection. Following is the extraction of people who had faced a different kind of challenges during exterior home renovations.

The Repainting Case of Steve’s Orange Wall

Steve, an apartment owner in Chicago was very keen to do some renovation in his apartment. He bought the quart of a shade he thought would appear good on the walls. The color he had chosen was mango yellow. He decided to give the unique shade a go and chose to put it on one wall first. By the time he was done, the wall was painted in yellow and the black bookshelf he had placed against it appeared beautiful. So, he decided to paint another wall with the same shade.

Amateur Painters
Amateur Painters

It was only then when the whole apartment was painted in orangey-yellow, he realized that he had overpowered the whole house with the same shade. One yellow wall with the otherwise half white apartment was fine, but a complete orangey-yellow apartment, with white nowhere to be found, was suffocating. He posted pictures of his apartment t before and after paint and the trollers feasted on the album. He had no option but to repaint most of his house.

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The crashing wall dilemma– Meghan’s Expensive Renovation:

Meghan, a 22 years old fitness trainer had shared her story on a social media platform about how the simple house painting became extremely expensive for her. She planned to color wash her house and bought a good old pale-grey matte paint to put on the outer walls of her house. Halfway through, she realized that the right side of her house was bad and the walls were filled with hairline cracks. She began to treat each crack filing the paste in and priming. When she was half done, the whole right side of the house came crashing down on the floor. This is when she hired professionals for exterior home remodel.

Injuries—the dislocated spine of Jeremy:

The web is filled with painting injury videos and stories. Write the word painting injuries and see how many funny and sometimes painful injury videos appear as a result. I have chosen a ladder fall case which according to me was more painful than funny. Jeremy, 40 years old dad had fallen off of a 20 feet ladder and hit his porch hard. He received several injuries as a result but most painful Injury was the dislocation of his spine.

Wrong Material Choices—Michael’s Blistering Walls:

Michael H Sawyer, a dad from California selected a regular oil-based paint for his house. He wanted to make the walls more washable so that he can get rid of the staining he often observed when his kids played in the house. His house had a severe moisture problem and only after a week of the paint application, the walls began to blister from several places. He found out that the oil-based paint was a poor choice for his house and that he had to buy a more breathable material. The latex was just the right paint for him, but he found that out after spending thousands on oil-based paint.

 Hidden problems discovered—Jenifer’s mold issue:

Jenifer a 35 years old mom and kindergarten teacher decided to paint her house during summers. She bought the supplies from a nearby store and began working on the walls. She chose her son’s bedroom to start with. When she scraped the old paint out, she found out that various places were already patched and needed a run-over. When she softened the surface to expose the damaged part, she found out that the green and black mold was present in the wall. All of the coughing and breathing issues were explained suddenly when she saw those colonies.

The tale of exhaustion—Jenna’s de-motivation:

This is a common screw up and we have all been there one way or another. Painting is a hard job and requires a lot of muscle power. You have to load the paint brush with the paint and sway your hand at least three times till the surface is even and smooth. Repeating the same action a few times in a minute makes the muscles of your hand sore. Jenna, a 36-year-old mom, ran out of every ounce of motivation when she realized that it is a lot of work and she can’t do it. Half-done walls looked terrible and no professional wanted to take the half-done job.