6 Places Your Kids Will Love On Fort Myers Beach

Everybody needs a vacation. The ideal vacation rental should be kid-friendly without breaking the bank while offering the whole family a pleasant experience. The ideal location when looking for the ideal family vacation in Fort Myers Beach. Your kids can look forward to a walk on the soft white sands of the beach while soaking in the warm waters of the Gulf. A cliffview resort is also a good option. Below are places your kids will obviously love.

 Your Kids Will Love On Fort Myers Beach

Bowditch Point Park

This 17-acre location has white sand beaches, wooded trails, electric fat tire beach cruiser, and dunes to take your kids on a roller coastal ride. Bowditch Point Park is located on Estero Beach’s northernmost end. There are various hiking trails for kids to roam and watch wading birds feeding. The point of contact for the Gulf and San Carlos Bay has calm waters that kids love wading in.

After having enough hiking, there is kid chasing and wildlife viewing at Pink Shell Beach Resort and Marina just nearby. The waterfalls, splash pad, and lagoon-style pools make a wonderful waterpark on the beach. As the kids indulge in the various activities, you can cool off in the shaded lounge seats while enjoying an ice-cold drink or cocktail.

Fort Myers Beach Pier

The picturesque pier juts 560 feet into the Gulf creating a wonderful spot for taking a long walk from your vacation rental. You can book best Vacation Rentals in Fort Myers Beach Fl with a beachfront or walk to beach access. From here, the kids can view the action on the beach using viewfinder telescopes. Alternatively, the family can hit the mid-pier with rented fishing poles and join experienced anglers.

Hanging out under the pier is a rare Insta-worthy moment with the angled legs making an excellent photo backdrop. All this happens as you enjoy soaking in the sun on this stretch of sand. Access to the pier is free and available for fishing 24 hours daily. This is a wonderful moment for catching glimpses of the stunning sunset. Early risers have an opportunity to take in the quiet calmness of the Gulf daybreak.

J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge

This is a wonderful spot for the whole family to enjoy biking, hiking, and paddling through about 7,600 acres of mangrove forest. The “Ding” Darling houses about 60 reptile species, 245 bird species, and 35 mammals. Kids have chances of watching amazing wildlife including:

  • Manatees
  • Alligators
  • Blush-pink roseate spoonbills

The hiking experience along the beach and forest is a bit hectic. Luckily, taking a scenic cruise on the Wildlife Drive in the comfort of your air-conditioned car is relieving. For the hyper-energized, climbing the observation tower offers sweeping views of the estuary and back bay beyond. When refueling at the Tween Waters Inn Island Resort, grab some grilled cheese sandwiches and thick burgers.

Salty Sam’s Pirate Cruise

This 65-foot pirate ship is a replica of the Spanish galleon that docks Fort Myers Beach. During the peak season, the ship sails daily for a 90-minute experience for this kid-friendly cruise. It goes through Matanzas Pass into the Gulf of Mexico. Some of the amazing packages during this cruise include:

  • Games
  • Bandanas
  • Face painting
  • Eye patches
  • Bags of booty
  • Water cannons

The kids will the dress-up experience for amazing photos to tell the story for years to come.

Mound House

This is Estero Island’s oldest building sitting on top of Calusa Indian shell mound which is 2000 years old. Built-in 1906, Fort Myers Beach’s Mound House has its near original splendor from immense restoration projects. This museum of sorts is a modern historical and archeological site. The family can take a guided tour through excavation sites uncovered for utensils, pottery shards, and various shells by archeologists. Calusa Indians ate the animals inside and used the shells to elevate their ancient town to protect it from water and to enjoy the cool Gulf breezes.

The Mound House Museum opens Tuesday to Saturday three days a week from January to April. Before your vacation, check the availability of access to this museum. Other attractions to enjoy here include walking expeditions and a chance to jump into a boat or kayak. The kids can role-play archeologists sifting through shell mound debris searching for the priceless artifacts.

Lovers Key State Park

This cluster of barrier islands used to be only accessible by boat making it an ideal spot to enjoy some secluded time alone. Today, a series of boardwalks and a convenient tram give access to this remote beach for the whole family. Walking the boardwalks offers wonderful bird watching while catching glimpses of marsh rabbits, manatees, and bottlenose dolphins.

Alternatively, renting paddleboards, canoe, or beach cruiser bike offers a wonderful family time. A bike ride to Lovers Key State Park through five miles of multi-use trails offers a wonderful workout experience. Book a vacation rental with beachfront access to enjoy the old Florida feel.

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A family vacation to Fort Myers Beach is a wonderful experience but you have to know how to make the most of your time. Above are some of the idea locations for the whole family to access from your vacation rental.