6 Tips for Choosing the Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

An individual, who is used to outdoor routines would surely be very active in different activities that may include walking, running and standing for a certain period of time. To do this, you have to be healthy and physically fit as well. Some of you may feel uncomfortable already and have discomforts in performing your routines due to your age. While some of you may also suffer because of some deformities or abnormalities. And then, others may also experience difficulties because of plantar fasciitis.

Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Best Walking Shoes
Best Walking Shoes

Plantar Fasciitis is commonly experienced by individuals, who are actively participating in various outdoor activities that give them a stabbing pain on the bottom of the feet, especially around the heel. It is usually felt during your first few steps in the morning. As you start moving, the pain may decrease. But, this pain may be felt again after standing for some time. Sometimes, the pain may also get worse and unbearable. So, when this happens, you have to seek medical treatment.

Having this kind of pain would not surely stop you from performing your usual or daily routines. You would surely still want to continue the outdoor activities that you had been doing for a long time. Aside from the medical treatment and the doctor’s advice, you also need to wear the best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis condition. Through this, you may feel less pain and would be comfortable moving around. So, we have here a few tips that may be considered to help you in choosing a pair of walking shoes that suits best for you.

Arch Support

It would be ideal for you to choose a pair of walking shoes with the maximum arch support. This would be very helpful for you to feel less pain in the heel. Aside from that, it would be the best support, especially if you have excess weight.

Your ligaments on your heel or the plantar fascia helps in supporting your weight as well as for you to feel more comfortable when walking, standing and running. The arch support will help you lessen the stabbing pain that is usually felt when doing such activities.

Without the arch support, you will experience difficulties in going back to your usual activities. Through this, the damaged ligament will be less stretched and compressed.

Shock Absorption

The plantar fascia also helps in absorbing shock. But, now that it is damaged, then you will need to get a pair of walking shoes with this feature. Through this feature, you will feel less pain and would allow you to feel comfortable when walking. It is because every time you step on the ground, the shock absorption feature would help.

Light Shoes

You should choose a walking shoe with a lightweight feature. It is not advisable for a person suffering from plantar fasciitis to be wearing a heavy pair of walking shoes. So, you better avoid it. I know that a lot of walking shoes are designed to have more weight due to some features. But, if the features are not really helping your condition, then it would best to ignore it for now until your condition will be fully treated.

Removable Insoles

Some of you may have other pairs of walking shoe that is designed for a plantar fasciitis condition. Now, what if the insoles are not enough or are not included? Now, for your other pairs of walking shoes not to be wasted, you better choose one with removable insoles. You can use these insoles when planning to use the other pairs. Sometimes, it is also good to have several pairs, so that you can have options that will suit your activity.

Contoured or Cushioned Footbed

It would be great if you can choose a walking pair of shoes with a cushioned and well-contoured footbed. This would be very helpful because it will lessen the stress that walking would cause to your heal, especially that the plantar fascia is damaged. Through the cushioning also, you will feel less pain because it gives less strain to the ligament. Therefore, allowing you to feel convenient when performing your usual activities.

Shoe Fitness

When you are buying a pair of walking shoes, you have to make sure that it fits well. It is not enough to put it on just to check if it is your size. If possible, you have to wear both shoes and then, stand, walk and run a bit with it.

Through this, you will know if it would cause you some pains or discomfort when wearing it. You should not feel shy about fitting it properly because some shoe shops do not allow items to be returned nor exchanged. So, to avoid wasting money, you better fit it well and make sure it is the one that your foot would feel really good

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