6 Worth Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is a dream destination for people who love travelling and exploring the World. Although there are numerous places to visit each having its own distinctive beauty, to cover all the places in a single visit is near to impossible. So what most people do is, they plan their journey beforehand, the places they are going to visit during their vacation and so on. The beaches of Dubai are the main attraction over here especially for their white sand and clear water. Many beaches also have recreational activities like jet skiing, sea-fishing, surfing, paragliding, etc. However, the administration of Dubai is very strict and people must know the guidelines to follow prior to their visit since any lapse to follow them can lead to serious circumstances. Here are lists of 6 places which are mostly visited by tourists from across the World:-

1. The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall

If you are a shopaholic then this is the place for you. Absolutely meant for luxury shopping, Dubai Mall would offer you things that are exclusive to Dubai. People who have visited this place earlier say that even a whole day is not enough to see all of what is present inside the mall. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are present inside this particular mall. It also has an Ice rink, indoor theme park, a choreographed fountain outdoor and a huge indoor waterfall. Not only for shopaholics, but this is also an ideal place for children too.

2. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Well visiting Dubai will be incomplete without seeing Burj Khalifa. You can have a sumptuous lunch or dinner at the restaurants presented here, and that is surely going to be your best lunch or dinner date ever at a height never imagined before. Burj Khalifa is 828 meters high and is the tallest skyscraper in the World. Its architecture is exquisite and overwhelming. In your next vacation to Dubai visit Burj Khalifa and discover its wonders with your own naked eyes.

3. Palm Jumeriah

Palm Jumeriah

Shaped like a palm tree, the Palm Jumeriah is the largest manmade or artificial islands in the World. A chain of extravagant hotels make it all the more alluring. A monorail connects the places of the island one by one. The Palm Jumeriah with its mini beaches makes it so beautiful, as to remember it for lifetime.

4. The Walk and Beach at JBR

The Walk and Beach at JBR

It’s for them, who want it all at once and at a single place. If you love to shop, walk through a beach, watch a movie and enjoy your meal at the same place and same time, then this is a place for you. The beach has a lively and active ambiance always. The beach is connected to an island called Bluewater Island by a pedestrian beach. Lounges are also available, where you can rest after all the shopping and enjoyment.

5. Dubai’s Desert

Dubai’s Desert

A visit to Dubai’s Desert will surely be an add on to all your other good experiences over there. It’s not too far away from the main town. You can take a Desert safari and enjoy the landscape, with camel rides, singing and dancing performances, traditional barbecues, etc. We all have read about the lives of nomadic desert dwellers in our history chapters at school. On your evening visit to Dubai Desert, you can actually relate them with real life, and their experiences. Spa services are also available to make your stay more comfortable.

6. Etihad Museum


A visit to this museum will let you know the contemporary history of Dubai – how it was discovered, how it became an Independent country, the Founding fathers, the Treaties signed by them, and all of which makes Dubai what it is today. Once you visit a place, you will surely have a curiosity to know all about its historical development, and what makes it different from other countries in the World. Well, the Etihad museum is the answer to all your questions.

Indians in large numbers visit Dubai every year. Connectivity is also excellent. Dubai being very hot in summers, it is definitely not suggested to visit during the peak summer season. To make your journey more enjoyable, you can study a bit beforehand – about its weather, best time to visit, availability of hotels, and tickets at reasonable rates etc. Once you visited Dubai, it is going to be a lifetime experience that you will remember your lifetime.