7 Boxing Day Promotion Ideas for Your Technology Sale

Boxing Day certainly doesn’t get as much attention as Christmas, New Year’s, or Thanksgiving. However, it is still a part of Christmas celebrations and falls within a time where everyone is off work and school. Many companies offer Boxing Day sales, but with peak gifting season over, these sales may not work as great as Black Friday offers. It is the perfect time to buy technology products people have their eyes on, especially as prices will be marked down significantly.

So, if you market your technology products well for Boxing Day, you can get a lot of customers. You just need to make sure your marketing efforts are orchestrated well, and you have some great Boxing Day sales going on. Here are a few ways to promote these deals.

Make a proper marketing plan

Do not start your promotion efforts without a solid marketing plan in place. Chart out a plan where you determine what will be on sale, what platforms you’ll use for marketing, and what will the main concept of your campaign be.

Then, divide this plan into platforms, and allocate a separate budget to each platform. In addition, keep your posts prepared in advance. This way, you can keep things running smoothly with your Boxing Day marketing efforts.

Send out email newsletters

Email newsletters are a great way to directly target your audience in a personalized manner. Make sure your email lists are in order, and then draft Boxing Day sale emails for each list. Use the technology email templates on PosterMyWall to design these. Send these newsletters out a few days in advance, and promote the best deals you have to offer.

Make sure you add product links and give a time limit for these sales in your emails. Generate a sense of urgency in the body of the email and in your subject lines. This will help you pull in more customers.

Alter your website

Your website should also shine the spotlight on your Boxing Day sales. Add a separate tab for the products on sales for Boxing Day and also include a pop-up to let people know about your discounts.

A landing page with some snappy content about Boxing Day will also work great in this regard. Write appealing content about your Boxing Day deals, add the products on offer below that, and share the link for this page across all your platforms. This will help you get more attention on this day’s deals.

Run a social media campaign

Social media is obviously one of the most effective ways to market your Boxing Day technology sale. Highlight the products you have on offer, and make posts about them on Instagram, TikTok, and your other social media platforms. Add shopping links to these posts, and write attractive captions. These captions should make it clear how appealing these discounts are and how they’re available for only a short time.

This social media campaign should be included in your marketing plan, and have a decent budget attached to it. Target your audience using research and data analytics for the best results. You can find these easily with the business tools most social media platforms offer.

Create bundles

When people are in a peak buying time like in these holidays, they’ll be on the lookout for more than just one tech product. They may even be looking for phones, TVs, laptops or other items for the whole family.

So, you can make their lives easier if you create bundles for their needs. Make a few standard tech product bundles, and also let people customize their bundle options. This will give them a convenient shopping option and let you sell more products as well.

Offer attractive discounts and promo codes

Boxing Day sales need to be highly appealing to work well. After all, everyone has given out their Christmas gifts and already done a lot of shopping on Black Friday. You can entice them if you offer something different. On Boxing Day, offer discounts and promo codes for products you don’t usually put on sale.

Also, use this opportunity to clear out old stock in anticipation of the new year. In your marketing messaging, make sure you let people know that you won’t be marking down these items or even selling them in the foreseeable future. This will create a sense of urgency in your audience.

Run extended sales

This is a risky yet effective strategy. The days from Boxing Day to the New Year are relatively free, and people are off from school and work.

So, they have a lot of time to do their shopping for the coming year. You can offer extended sales running from Boxing Day to New Year’s Eve to make use of this time.

So, Boxing Day is highly underrated when it comes to holiday sales. If you market your Boxing Day technology sale properly, it might just be one of your peak selling times.