8 Pros And Cons Of Private Instagram Accounts

Social media such as Instagram is a game-changer in how people communicate today. Through social media, you can receive real-time information about anything globally. In addition, it’s a marketing tool for businesses. If you’re an entrepreneur, you can create a business account to engage with your customers and reach out to prospective customers. Thus, you can post marketing contents such as short clips or famously known as Instagram Reels.  

Regardless of whether you have a business or personal Instagram account, you’ll have to decide whether you should make your account private or public. If your account is private, people can’t see your profile and other stories you post. However, there is a way you can securely access a private Instagram account without causing an alarm to the owner. In this case, you can use a dedicated tool. To learn some of those tools, you can visit WP Dev Shed.  

To know whether a private Instagram account is suited for you, here are some pros and cons in keeping a private account.  

Pros Of Private Instagram Accounts 

A private Instagram account comes with many advantages. Here are some of the benefits that you may enjoy: 

  • You’re In Control 

The best thing you can have with your private Instagram account is to be in a position where you have absolute control. In this regard, it’s up to you to decide who sees the content that you post on your page. If someone is not following you, your posts aren’t visible to them. Even when someone sends you a follow request, they’re still unable to see your content until you’ve approved the request.  

On Instagram, some accounts are operated by “bots”. Such accounts appear to be authentic followers, yet bots operate them to react to your posts with comments, likes, and shares. In such a case, you need to interact with real people who can be converted to customers. Before you approve a request, you can browse through the person’s Instagram page which can help you decide if you will allow the person to follow you. Thus, a private account helps you keep off from certain personalities. 

When you have absolute control, you’re in a good place to block or report a nuisance account so that Instagram can take necessary actions against such accounts.  

As stated, it’s possible to see information on a controlled account. If you’d like to do that, you can see what Increditools says about private Instagram accounts.  

  • You Can Protect Your Content 

A private account comes in handy in helping you to protect your content from being stolen or reposted without your permission. Information that you need to protect includes photos and other sensitive personal information. Imposters and cybercriminals can use your photos to create accounts pretending to be you. If this happens, it can be used to damage your reputation, especially if you’re a public figure.  

Scammers are everywhere online; thus, you can work hand-in-hand with social media companies to make the internet safer for everyone.  

  • You Can Hide Your Movements 

Responsible use of social media is very critical. It’s not wise to put your information to the public concerning your whereabouts, especially if it has the potential to jeopardize your security. Thus, if you think certain information can cause a security risk, it’s advised to keep your account private.  

In this day and age, employers tend to visit social media accounts of potential employees. Thus, if you have information on your Instagram page that might destroy the chances of landing a job, you can keep your account private.  

As an employer, it is essential to do a quick online search of the person you are about to hire. You can consider browsing their social media accounts.

  • Protects You From Cyberbullying 

Cyberbullying has become a menace, not only on Instagram, but also on other social media platforms. If you think you are experiencing harassment from other Instagram users, the best thing you can do to help yourself is to change the settings of your account into a private account.  

Cyberbullying is common for female Instagram users, primarily through sexting and other attacks. In most cases, such attacks are perpetuated by anonymous account holders. That doesn’t mean that men are spared from this type of bullying; thus, they also should be on their guard.  

  • Helps Keep Track Of Your Followers 

You can easily monitor the people who follow you because all requests have to go through your review and approval. Take some time to go over their pages, especially if it is open to the public. At this point, you can approve or decline each person’s request.

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Cons Of Private Instagram Accounts 

On the other hand, there may be some disadvantages in keeping a private Instagram account. Here are some of them:

  • You Still Can Get Messages

If your Instagram account is private, you can still get messages but it will be filtered and stored on your “message request” folder, unlike with your followers whose messages will go straight to your Instagram inbox. 

  • Slow Growth Of Followers

Normally, before people can send you a friend request, they’ll first sneak into your account to see the kind of information you post. As a result, if people don’t see what you share, they won’t be interested in following your page. Remember, such decisions are made in a split second when people visit Instagram. This may cause slow growth when it comes to your followers. 

Thus, a private account will definitely not help if your goal is to create a huge social media presence.

  • Promotional Content Is Hidden 

If you plan to send promotional messages via “direct messaging” and your Instagram is in private mode, your prospective customers may not be able to see your content. 

In the case of a hashtag, Instagram will keep the content you’ve hashtagged private. Therefore, it’ll remain hidden whenever people search for particular information on Instagram using the hashtag.  

Final Thoughts 

A private Instagram account can be a great idea as it protects you from specific online misconduct. On the other hand, it can result in several disadvantages. Hopefully, with the information shared in this article, you can wisely decide whether you need a private Instagram account or not.