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A Final Checklist When You Are Planning a Bachelorette Party!

Unlike what it seems, pulling off a memorable bachelorette party can be overwhelming. For instance, there are lots of communications and activities involved, and it can be more challenging when dealing with many bridesmaids.

Planning a Bachelorette Party

However, the easiest way to ensure that you stay on top of the party-planning is to have a checklist. A checklist serves as a guide that provides that you don’t forget any step in the process. With many activities happening at that time, it’s easy to forget petty things.

So, what should your checklist feature? Here are seven things your checklist should contain.

1. Is an Appropriate Date Set?

It is crucial to create a date that will be convenient for each person. Talk with the bride and let her agree on the best time to hold the party. Usually, it is realistic to set a date that is close to the wedding date, like two weeks before. Coming up with appropriate time in advance helps you to accommodate the travel arrangements of your guests. Nowadays, most people form an online bachelorette group and add interested members. By having a group, you can discuss it with everyone and choose an appropriate date. Discussion boards on Facebook or Google+ offer real-time notifications in case of changes as you continue organizing for the event.

2. Do You Have an Invitation List?

Once you have a date, the next thing is to prepare an invitation list. Avoid open events because they open avenues for uninvited guests that may stress the guests. The party should be a private event where each person has fun and feels free. The best way to overcome this is to have the bride-to-be choose the people she would want to come to her party. When making an invitation list, you can choose from various bachelorette invitation card templates that suit your preferred design.

3. Create a Playlist

You want people to enjoy the party. Choose a playlist that meets the needs of all the invited guests. This implies that you should mix different genres of songs. For example, you can combine RnB’s with blues and rock. No one wants a quiet and boring party. Select some good music that will sweep people off their feet. Ensure the selected music rhymes with the event that is taking place. For example, when cutting the cake, you can choose a song that talks about cake-cutting.

4. What is Your Theme?

You should have a theme in terms of attire, general mood, and activities that will take place. Activities can include cake cutting, bar caw, beach gateway, and spa treatment, among others. It is a good idea to have matching attire and accessories to create unity and uniformity. You can discuss the color of the attire through a discussion board. All members must agree on the type of dressing. You do not want to cause inconvenience to anyone by choosing something that only a few people can get.

5. Return Gift for the Guest

You would want to give the bride something that will remind her of the crazy time she spent at her party before the wedding. Ensure each person brings a gift for the bride, or you can arrange or give her one gift as a group. Mark this important day with a beautiful mens beaded bracelets for the groom-to-be as well, customized according to your choice. Whether small or big, a gift forms an essential part of the bachelorette and you don’t want to miss it at the party.

6. Is There a List of Activities?

Have an itinerary or a roadmap that outlines precise and detailed ideas of things that are within your budget. With a list of things, you will be able to make timely reservations and ensure everything is in check. Some of the things that you should prioritize in your list include entertainment, drinks and food, transportation, and lodging.

7. Budget

Come up with a budget based on the list of activities. Do not stress yourself by creating a budget that you cannot meet. Stay within your limits. Talk to people on the discussion board and agree on a standard amount then set activities based on the total amount. When sourcing products, stick to affordable and quality goods. Come up with a spending limit that works for all.


Planning a party is time-consuming and overwhelming. It’s possible to find yourself engaged in some activities only to end up forgetting other important things that matter. This is the reason why every upcoming bachelorette party needs a good plan and there is no better way to plan than having a checklist.

The checklist provided above will ease things for you and help you come up with the best bachelorette party ever. Remember to plan early to avoid any last-minute rushes. Also, have someone to follow up and ensure that everything happens as per the plan before and on that day. We all want a good party and what a way to have it than sticking to a well-researched checklist.

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