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This blog page will describe AAUW American association of university women. So you can learn more about AAUW. This is the best empowering women university since 1881. AAUW was established by Marion Talbot and Ellen Swallow Richards on the other hand,  Kimberly Churches is the Chief executive officer of AAUW. The headquarters of AAUW in Washington D.C. It was the first branch that has been created in 1884. Even in 1886, the New York and the Boston branches has been established. AAUW is the best university for the women to get more educational opportunities.

AAUW American Association of University Women

There has a LAF program of the foundation. LAF means the Legal Advocacy Fund even that helping women’s for getting the higher education of sex discrimination. LAF is one of the best parts of AAUW because, it helps women’s for arrangement a program following faculty, sexual harassment and sex discrimination. AAUW provides opportunities for women by AAUW fellowships. It also supported by the American Association of university women education foundation as like LAF. Sometimes AAUW awarded their student to study more. It helps students to research more and make attractive for stay long times. Award aspects have been completed by their fellowships. In every year they budget 3 million or 4 million dollars for their fellowships.

AAUW American Association of University Women
AAUW American Association of University Women

AAUW Empowers Women: What They Doing?

Do you know what they are doing? In this part, I will show you a full part of the American Association of university women even their activities and what they are doing. Now, you can see their activities list. You can learn here AAUW public policy, AAUW education funding, AAUW Research, AAUW Campus Initiatives, AAUW Case Support, AAUW Global Connection, AAUW Member Leadership, AAUW Salary Negotiation etc.

AAUW Public Policy:

We know that policy maintained is the most important thing for institutions.  So in this American association of university women have public policy. This policy always describes their act and legislation nicely. This policy is the most important for a woman. The student of the AAUW will get the privileges for their necessaries formula. The public policy will be required when student need certificate, leave the place, leave programs, and other related AAUW programs etc. So AAUW keeps their public policy priorities strongly. And it will be more helpful in future.

AAUW Public Policy
AAUW Public Policy

AAUW Educational Funding & Awards:

They observe their educational funding and awards nicely. This privileges for graduated women. Also, you can follow their congratulated aspects of 2017-18 fellowship & Grants awardees. In the below, I will provide the information about their fellowships and grants of AAUW. You can visit them to know more about these specific sentence.

AAUW Research

Research is one of the best parts of the American Association of university women. Basically, they try to create a report that will help others people or AAUW students. They also like to research with the women sexual harassment that also occurred in College, university, school etc. After emulating the whole thing, finally, they create a report. The report will be gotten from their webpage so that you can download AAUW research report from their official page.

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AAUW Stem Education

The STEM is one of the best opportunity for AAUW American Association of University Women. It will help middle school women and girl to prepare or educated them in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. As a result, (S= Science, T=Technology, E=Engineering and M=Mathematics). The student also satisfied for the presentation of the STEM education and Study. The STEM education inspires them to study more about Science and Technology. So in this STEM education overview, you can get the proper idea. So watch the video to know more.

AAUW Case Support LAF

American Association of university women emulates Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) by their case support. Possible they update the LAF by their estimated response time. LAF is a legal way to justice the wrong track for the AAUW students. It also helps women and girl to make aware of themselves. So the Case Support is the best part of the American Association of university women. Now, you can follow their Legal Advocacy Fund LAF programmes.

  • AAUW Legal Case Support
  • Finding Legal Help: AAUW
  • Know Your Rights at Work
  • Know Your Rights on Campus
  • AAUW Case Support Travel Grant
  • AAUW Campus Outreach Grants

AAUW Global Connections

Do you know American association of university women Global connections? Yes, they have reached up to 140 countries to make the better response connection. They also establish the branches for increase their global connections. Actually, the global connection will help them for the best presentation in the world.

AAUW Global Connections
AAUW Global Connections

They also communicated with the different institutions head for taking a part of their AAUW. After all, they have succeeded from their aim. In future, AAUW will be going to build the best Global connections. On the other hand, the presentation of their educational aspects also makes the Global connection automatically. They try to linked difference type of American university.

Top Presentation of  the Global Connections

  • From Fellowships to Grassroots Projects
  • A Strong History of Global Work

AAUW Member Leadership

American Association of university women observes their member leadership programs successfully. Actually, the action is helpful for the educated and powerful member of the AAUW. They make their communication by member leadership programs. It also impacts for acquiring success of the different section of AAUW. The leaders will lead as himself and others will try to obey her lead mindfully. After all, they try to exploit their intellect as their best try of member leadership programs. They also kept several parts of member leadership programme. Leader essentials, member trainers program, webinars, convention are an example of tools for AAUW. So the member leadership is helpful aspects of  AAUW.

AAUW Salary Negotiation

Today our end part is AAUW American association of university women salary negotiation. They have two type of salary negotiations.

  1. Salary Negotiation for College Students
  2. Salary Negotiation for Working Women

These between part will help to understand the AAUW salary negotiation. AAUW provide the best facility for salary negotiation at the time of working women. On the other hand, it takes apart of them who is new to the AAUW institution.