An Antique French Bathroom Invention Makes a Fabulous Comeback


Hundreds of years ago, people didn’t have the benefits we have today: technology, medicine, and modern toilets. Because you used chamber pots in your bedroom, you had to have a way to clean up afterward, and approximately 400 years ago in France, a bidet was born – a fabulous tool designed to help you stay clean. Over time, bidets had become obsolete, but in the past few years, they have been making a comeback, and for a good reason. Read on to discover just why is an antique French invention becoming popular once more.

New horizons

For a number of people, the very thought they will not be using toilet paper anymore can be a bit troubling. We aren’t easy to embrace changes, especially when these changes go against everything we’ve been taught of bathroom hygiene over the years. On the other hand, these changes can be not convenient, but also good for your overall health. Putting away your toilet paper and making a decision to wash with water instead, means you will be protecting your nether regions from irritation (let’s face it – daily wiping isn’t exactly the most pleasant feeling in the world, especially because your skin is gentle). Not to mention the fact that washing with water is much more effective than wiping with toilet paper or even wet wipes.

Helps save the trees

Let’s face it – we’re running out of trees, and the amount of paper we use every day is alarming (yes, we included toilet paper). What is more, toilet paper is not only expensive to make, but it’s also bleached and damages the environment. People hesitate to use bidets because they fear they will be wasting water in the process, but the truth is that using toilet paper hurts the environment much more. On average, we flush more than 50 toilet paper sheets per day, and at the end of the year, millions of tons of paper will go down the drain, quite literally. Bidets help the planet in more than one way: by saving trees and saving toilet paper too.

Bidets help the planet

Fits seamlessly

In addition to helping you save the planet and protecting your gentle skin, bidets look great in a bathroom, too. Americans who visit South America and Europe are often confused when they see an additional porcelain commode beside the standard toilet, but Portuguese and Italian people swear by them. With so many different types to choose from, you can look for Bidets Online and find the one that will be perfect for your bathroom. Even if your struggle with space, there is a solution: you can use a bidet seat instead. When you see them for the first time, bidets can certainly appear ‘odd’, but when you get used to them, you’ll ask yourself how in the world could you have possibly lived without them for so long.


Even though toilet paper is designed so that it disintegrates once flushed down the drain, people also use wet wipes, and these aren’t the same. Over the world, there are millions of dollars worth of sewer damages done by so-called ‘flushable’ wet wipes that do nothing but clog the drains and pipes. While it’s true that there are warnings against flushing down wet wipes after usage, many people still do this, causing great damage to the sewers as well as the planet. Sewage pumps get clogged by the wet wipes, and instead of pushing wastewater away from the households and into the sewers, they do the exact opposite. By using bidets and bidet seats, you will ensure that your drains and pipes stay clean and your household protected from the wastewater.


Stylish and convenient

Even though there are so many good things about bidets, a number of people still refuse to install them in their bathrooms simply because they fear there isn’t enough free floor space. If you have a spacious bathroom, installing a small porcelain fixture next to your toilet shouldn’t be an issue, but even if your bathroom is small you still have options. Simple bidet seats can replace your regular toilet seat, so you don’t have to worry about floor space. There are also different bidet attachments that can be installed directly underneath toilet seats, and if you choose this option, it won’t duplicate your plumbing either.

If you’re always looking for ways to protect your family and ensure that you’re healthy, bidets will help you do this by ensuring you keep your bodies clean in a simple and convenient way. What is more, you will also do a lot in protecting the environment and saving the trees, because buying bleached toilet paper is hurting the planet and sending your money down the drain (quite literally, we have to mention once again). Even though bidets are retro and aren’t exactly mainstream yet, by installing one you will make your life more comfortable.