Are We Financially Independent? (Does It Make a Difference?) 

Financially Independent

Do you know what it takes to be a financially independent person? When it comes to income, a financially independent individual has all it takes to meet his or her expenses throughout a lifetime without working on a full-time basis. But is this possible? How can it be achieved?

Financial independence can be attained in various ways. For instance, some achieve this status through savings and investments over a long period. Alternatively, other individuals come up with successful ventures that can generate cash inflows without requiring daily supervision.

Financially Independent

Financially Independent
Financially Independent

This is just two ways of attaining financial independence. There are so many strategies that can be utilized and it is not only restricted to the rich people. If you need to be independent in this regard, there are some myths you need to avoid.  For example, many people think that to be wealthy they need a high paying job.

While it is true that you can amass a lot of assets with more money coming your way each month, the most meaningful form of becoming wealthy is to spend less than you earn.  Is this a challenge for you? Visit a company loan online like to get more information on how you can borrow a quick online loan.

Income and wealth mean different things. Acknowledging that income is never a long-term wealth will help individuals dodge the spending trap. We all know that income is an aspect of wealth, though wealth can be interpreted in diverse ways, this article will help you how to achieve financial independence and discuss various ways of knowing whether or not one is financial independence.

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Breaking down the Concept of Financial Independence

  • We need to establish the amount of wealth you need

This means you need to determine the much you will spend in the course of your retirement lifestyle. Once you have designed the kind of life you want to live, you will be able to figure out the associated costs. You need to estimate more accurately rather than merely guessing the annual cost of living.

  • It is imperative to consider taxes as you plan

It is quite easy to overlook taxes while still working because they are often deducted from your pay before actually seeing it. Things become different once you retire. It will be prudent to include allowances for tax purposes in your calculations. While most of the individuals overlook this aspect, it is highly recommended you try to understand your tax conditions after retirement.

  • Thinking Differently

Do you have sufficient means to live? In all honesty, this statement is misleading. All you need is an adequate cash flow to live. Generally, the goal is to get proper cash flow to live without necessarily without necessarily having to work for basic inevitabilities actively.

Thinking Differently
Thinking Differently

For one to be financially independent, there is a need to have enough cash flow without necessarily having to work actively. For this reason, we need investments to produce enough cash flow that can cover the spending needs is necessary. If an individual can work to get money, then he or she is not financially independent. In contrast, an individual who works because he or she chooses to work, he or she is deemed, economically independent. Such people want to work for reasons that extend beyond monetary gains.

The important factors for consideration are not luxuries, but rather the necessities, something interpreted differently by individuals. Ideally, necessities mean the things individuals need to live rather than the extras many expect comfortably.

Even though the concept of financial independence is attached to different meanings, its worth doing the mathematics involved, remember, our potential to advance towards our passions is often restrained by the rat race (simply working for employers, the government as well as the leaders, such as our mortgages and loans). Sadly, our passions are often dead last, demoted to the point when we have time. But is it of any significance pursuing financial independence? The next section of this article discusses that aspect.       

Reasons for Pursuing Financial Independence

The challenges brought about by the rat race can be overcome through proper planning. The following are some of the reasons why you need to seek financial independence.

  • Job security is merely an artifice. In the contemporary economic setting, job security is had to be guaranteed. Nevertheless, financial vulnerability often inspires businesspersons. They are often motivated to work extra hard, risk their whole life savings and even ignore fundamental interrelations for a dream lacking the promise of success.

Financial independence is very important in this regard because no education level or experience can ever warrant that even the most skilled individual or loyal workers will not be jobless by the end of business the following day. Employees are regularly cross-examining for their jobs.

  • Also, with financial independence, you are better placed to help others. As they say, the Good Samaritan would never have been remembered if it wasn’t for good intentions. If we desire to be extraordinary, it becomes an obligation to look yonder our four walls and examine who else we can serve apart from our own families. Another benefit that comes with financial independence is that you are capable of dealing with very intricate glitches.
  • Moreover, financial independence amplifies fun. Indisputably, happiness cannot be priced, fun can, however. Why would an individual not get his or her dream home if he or she has been financially responsible? Money simply a tool that augments what is already there.
  • Lastly, financial independence fortifies the ability of individuals to design work to perfectly suit them. The choice of tasks that fits individuals is not restricted to only rich people, even though the two seems to be associated. To be deemed financial independent, you must be having adequate time as well as resources to utilize your skills and potentials among other things.


To sum up, are you financially independent? Aiming at becoming independent in this regard as well as developing remarkable wealth are achievable goals. As outlined, being financially independent is beneficial in various ways. You can be successful if you plan well.

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