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What is Bankers and Customers Relationship | Finance & Banking

What is Bankers and Customers relationship? How much worth their relationship between bankers and customers? Today, we going to learn banker and Customers relationship. And the presentation is for you to get an idea properly. So you have to learn full article mindfully. After all, stay with us to learn more about Finance & banking subject. Keep in mind that every part of the bankers and Customers relationships will help you to determine several aspects of the banking business. Now let’s go to know more Banker and Customers. And this option will help you to get the best banking business facility

Bankers and Customers Relationship
Bankers and Customers Relationship

Who are Bankers? – Bankers and Customers Relationship

Do you know who bankers are? Or what do you mean by bankers? Basically, a banker who keep public wealth assets stored. In other word, we can say moneylender and Moneylender is the alternative name of the banker. Finally, a banker who conducts or executes the functions of the bank is called banker. Notice the phrase, now we can say that a bank employee is also a banker according to the banker’s rules.

Generally, a banker employee executes the functions of the bank always so that we can say a banker employee also a banker. After all, the banker says that persons whose involved in the banking process such as accepting deposits, Lending, helping and advising about various issues of the customers. On the other hand, we can say banker as a complimentary word of the bank.

Who are Bankers - Bankers and Customers Relationship
Who are Bankers – Bankers and Customers Relationship

 Who are Customers? – Bankers and Customers Relationship

We learning about what is bankers and Customers relationship and according to this, we also have to learn who are bankers and customers. Generally, we can say that the customer of the bank those who accept or receive services from banks. Customers opened the current, saving and nominal accounts according to their demand. Other than the depositors, if someone takes money from their account or receive bank services, they cannot be called a bank customer.

Because there is no bank account in that bank related to the person. He just came to the bank as a representative of another. So in order to become a customer of the bank, any person has to open a bank account. Only then will he be able to maintain a relationship with the bank as a bank customer. On the other hand, it called a legal relationship between banker and customer.

Who are Bankers - Bankers and Customers Relationship
Who are Bankers – Bankers and Customers Relationship

In the context of the above discussion, it can be said that those who manage current, savings or permanent accounts in the bank for continuous transactions are called the customers of the bank. So if a person purchases a hundi or received a bank check of the visitor, then he cannot be called a bank customer.

Bankers and Customers Relationship

The customer has a close relationship with the bank when executing the financial transaction or executing the bank for any other purposes. In addition, if customers continued to execute his transactions through the bank, he would have developed a good relationship with the bank. This is one of the best part of bankers and customers relationship. So in this below the bankers and customers relationship were discussed briefly from different perspectives. These steps are helpful for the bank in economic development. So Now read these step by steps.

#1. Debtors and Creditors relationship with Bankers

Debtors and creditors are the major part of banker and customer relationship. The banker collects the accumulated money through the accounts of the bank and from that it is invested in the profitable sector. That is, the bank receiving the money and the customer paid the money.

As a result, the debtor and creditor relationship between the customer and the banker are created nicely. Even once the bankers lend to the customers, the bankers are the debtor and the customers are the creditor. Although, it has related to the Ownership Bank.

#2. Contractual relationship with Bankers

Contractual relationship with Bankers is one of the best parts of the customers and bankers relationship. The customer relationship with the bank is initiated by the customer through the agreement to open an account with the bank. For this, the customer can deposit the money as much as they wish on the business day and they can get back their deposited money.

As a result, the relationship between donor and recipient is created between the bankers and the customers. So this relationship is more prolonged by financial transactions. On the other hand, this relationship ends with bank accounting.

#3. Agent and principal relationship with Bankers 

Bankers at various times, in exchange for the commission, various types of financial transactions of the customer such as collection of checks, reimbursement of bills, etc. are settled following their banking roles. In this case, the Bankers agent of the customers and customers also principal of the bankers so that it agent and principal relationship with bankers.

#4. Bailee and bailor relationship with Bankers

The banker puts many different types of client’s mortgage into a small amount of money. Such as Jewelry, documents, etc. The banks arrange for the safe conservation of these assets and they are compelled to provide these assets according to their needs. In this section, the Bailee and Bailor relationships have been created with bankers and customers.

#5. Mortgagor and Mortgagee relationship with bankers

This is the last point of bankers and customers relationship. We know better about mortgagor and mortgagee. Banker often lends his customers loans against different types of securities against security. As a result, the relationship between the mortgagor and the recipient or mortgagee is created between the bankers and the customers.

However, I hope you will be benefited from reading this article mindfully. So enjoy your life following the financial aspects. Now you have cleared what is bankers and customers relationship?

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