A Beginner’s Guide to .NET Core

Did you know that .NET Core is one of the top three most commonly used technologies? If you are wondering what is .NET Core is and if it is the right tool for your next software development project, we are here to help. We put together this short guide sharing everything there is to know about .NET Core.

Beginner’s Guide to .NET Core

A Beginner's Guide to .NET Core

Keep reading to check out our .NET Core overview.

What Is .NET Core?

.NET Core is a newer version of the .NET Framework. .NET Framework is a free, open-source development platform that is maintained by Microsoft. This cross-platform runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems.

You can use it to build different types of applications. For example, you can build apps for machine learning, IoT, tvOS, web, mobile, desktop, and cloud. You can make it lightweight, fast, and modular because .NET Core is written from scratch.

Programming Languages

.NET supports three different programming languages. These include F#, Visual Basic, and C#. F# is the programming language that supports object-oriented, and functional programming models.

The syntax of Visual Basic is the closest to ordinary human language. This makes this programming language a lot easier to learn, plus it is a stable language which means that it does not actively develop new features. F# and C# constantly have Microsoft developing new features that require you to always be learning.

C# is in the C family of language (C, C++, and Java). This programming language is object-oriented and modern.

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One of the characteristics of .NET Core is that it supports multiple languages. Like we mentioned above you can use F#, C#, or Visual Basic. Also, you can use your favorite IDE.

.NET Core is consistent across architectures. You can execute the code with the same behavior but in the set architecture of your choice (x64, x86, or ARM). .NET Core also supports modular architecture with NuGet packages.

There are different packages that you can choose from depending on the features that you want to add. You are able to speed up the performance, maintain everything easily, and reduce the memory footprint.

When to Choose .NET Core?

If you want to target your apps on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems then .NET Core is the better choice. Also, if you love open source then using .NET Core makes sense. If you are not afraid of learning new things, or breaking and fixing things .NET Core is also the right choice.

Because .NET Core is not fully mature yet, it is not uncommon to break and fix things once in a while. You can view some common itextsharp vs pdfsharp questions as well to clear up any confusion.

Feeling Like a .NET Core Pro?

We hope that now that we went over the ins and outs of .NET Core you can make an informed decision on whether or not .NET is for you. If your application has cross-platform needs then .NET Core is probably the way to go.

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