The Benefits of Playing Sports Aren’t Just Physical

The number of people participating in sports is quite high and the number of students, especially in high school, who are taking part in sports is on an upward trend. It is estimated that over 55% of all high school students (more than 7.6 million) were engaged in sports in the 2010-2011 academic calendar.

Nevertheless, sports injuries are a big problem and the sports medical personnel attest to this. But the benefits that the participants reap from the sports are greater and far exceed the potential injuries. There are many reasons for students and everyone, in general, to participate in sports, as there are tons of benefits that can be realized.

Benefits of Playing Sports

Physical benefits are widely known

Nearly everyone knows the physical benefits of competitive sports. Most people focus on the role of sports in helping the youth to curb obesity. Besides helping young student-athletes to have a lower body mass, engaging in sports comes in handy in minimizing risks of diabetes and high blood pressure. Additionally, it helps to improve cardiovascular and pulmonary functions.

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Other benefits of sports

Benefits that come from sports are more than just enhancing physical health. Below are more benefits of why you should play sports or encourage your young ones to take part in them.

Social benefits

People, especially the youth, who play sports are less likely to engage in drug abuse. According to a study published in Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, out of 14000 high school students, those who were regularly involved in sports had a lower likelihood of using drugs. Similarly, another research by the National Household Survey of Drug Abuse gave findings that students who engaged in sports had a lower probability of taking drugs or even smoking cigarettes. Moreover, they even dissuaded their colleagues from abusing drugs.

Emotional and mental benefits

Participating in any sporting activity calls for memorization, learning, and repetition, all of which are great skills that, if one perfects, can be of use in other areas, including your career. Also, sports help to deal with stress, boost self-esteem, and give one a positive outlook on life. Sports are also known to stimulate mood-improving hormones, like endorphins and serotonin, which enhance your mood, reduce depression, and increase executive functions.

Also, studies show that senior citizens who were actively involved in sports in their younger lives were more likely to be active in their late 70s. They also enjoyed a better quality of life and were more independent.

Academic benefits

Sports involvement has been linked with better performance in the classroom. According to several studies, active students have higher attendance, better grade point averages, lower chances of dropping out, and higher chances of going to college, among other impressive scores.

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Career benefits

Although the survey was not 100% accurate, it emerged from the sampling of persons at executive vice president level from 75 fortune 500 companies that playing sports could assure one of higher incomes. According to the survey, 95% of the executives participated in sports in high school. However, this does not guarantee impressive income, promotions, or great jobs. It is well known that playing sports helps one to become a better leader at work or in society in the future. Sports participation assists in developing leadership skills, teamwork, diligence, and a positive attitude.


Playing sports has tons of benefits, and it is critical for adults to engage in them to be examples to their children, who should also be encouraged to take part. However, the necessary precautions must be taken to avoid all preventable injuries and problems that may arise.

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