7 Countries with the Best Bars and Restaurants in the World


Finally, after performing an abundance of marriage rituals, an individual gets knotted to a never-ending bond of love. The proceedings get going ahead whereby designing dresses, jotting down the jewelry list, and organizing the occasion takes place. The newly wedded couple raises promptly to spend quality time with one another. That’s where the significance of honeymoon is understood. Honeymoon is a phenomenon of expressing love and care through intimacy and physical nearness.

The couple is blessed with private happiness and showered with accompanying oomph from the soulmate! Honeymoon is the perfect kick-start to your love-life, attraction, affection, attachment, and admiration.

It’s a tough job to decide what would be the best destination for planning the honeymoon. When the internet is being scanned around for finding the best honeymoon destination, one lands on a plethora of cumbersome destination listicles. Even don’t follow the stereotype suggestions of your relatives attending your wedding. Honeymoon is the tenure of holding hand in hand on the wet sand beaches or showering under the rainy sea coasts or delving into the chilled waters of the resort lounges.  Here is summed up to outcome in a handy list for top seven destinations that best match globally for celebrating the love.

Best Bars and Restaurants in the World

1. Indonesia

Who is unfamiliar with the beautiful city of Bali that’s utmost popular for newlyweds. Bali is the most attractive yet affordable destination for honeymoon amongst the magnificent cities of the world. Apart from Bali, the neighboring Lombok Island in Indonesia is the stunning spot for a couple to stay for 2-3 days. Bali is an Indonesian island that is synonymous to romance for newly married people.

Your honeymoon can get a spark at an exotic spa followed by the elephant safari rides, visiting temples, luxurious stay at resorts, Single Fin Bali bar visit, Skye bar, and restaurant visit, relishing best in summers, witnessing beauties of bays, and tasting delicious restaurant foods.

2. Maldives

Another well-heard destination that’s not so unpopular is the Maldives. Coasted on the sky-blue waters of the Indian ocean the small country has a lot to amuse a couple.  Booking a private yacht into the experience on a dolphin cruise with your partner is an outstanding opportunity for partners.  Having a candlelight dinner on a private island, putting on a red jumpsuit completed by red wine glasses is the most erotic idea to spend time together. Staying underwater in the world’s first hotel of its kind or being at Kakuni bar or Vilu Restaurant & Bar is the new definition for amour.

3. Australia

The world’s largest island that blossoms best in autumn and spring is the intimating honeymoon home to couples.  Starting from majestic beaches till the stunning Sydney’ opera house, From Australian wineries up to the Great Barrier Reef, Relaxing in the resorts and spas until exploring incredible cities like Melbourne and Brisbane, visiting Continental Deli Bar Bistro or the beer bar, all are enough to conclude a honeymoon holiday well. Watching the sunset with your partner can catch all your stress and fade away.

5. Greece

Greece is the god of beauty’ excellence. The azure city of Santorini is the hot favorite heavenly place that has irreplaceable landscape illustrations leaving anybody awestruck. The blue skies match the azure sea that catches the eyes off. A ferry journey in the mediterranean sea to see slaying sunsets becomes significant with your counterpart.

For privacy concerns, the couple can opt-out to dwell in less known islands like Cythera and Kastelorizo or Pathos Lounge Bar and Restaurant. The elegant cuisines can let you vanish all your constraints and delight you better with your better half!

5. India

Nature nurtures the maximum. India is a country with diverse natural accomplishment and scenic beauty that gives an immense sense of pleasure. The two best picked-up destinations in India for a honeymoon, are Kerala and Goa. Referred to as God’s own country, Kerala is best known for its hilly landscapes and houseboat stay. The mesmerizing paradise has lovely weather and pure backwaters.

Similarly, Goa is known for its night-life and bars like The Fisherman’s Wharf. The disco street and the beaches are guaranteed intimation source for any couple. The serene shores compel you to walk with your spouse and feel the content of the tranquil environment.

6. USA

The USA is the alluring country that beholds the most fascinating and inviting cities in the world. American cities leave you astonished! Las Vegas adorns the country with the world’s best bars and restaurants. The casinos and the pubs, bars, and restaurants enlighten the night well. An amalgamation of multiple cultures at a single spot is worth experiencing.

The dinner date with don julio at the sky bar of Waldorf or Michael gourmet’s restaurant is the adorable attempt. Planet Hollywood and similar places attract the couple to create moments and memories that could be cherished life-long.

7. Fiji

Another island country with enriched palm trees has the best climate to visit from April to September. Enchanting waterfalls and Sizzling firewalks are the new romantic to-do for the couples. The glittering sands and the bitter beer sip along with it makes the honeymoon diaries remarkable. Fiji islands in a set of 333 split islands combine to create a land of otherworldliness.

Wananavu Beach Resort, Volivoli Beach, Sheraton Denarau Villas are the best hotels in Fiji islands. The regionals love Kava – the intoxicating drink, made from the Piper methysticum plant. Couples must try this liquid at Mamacita Mexican Restaurant & Bar or The Bounty Bar & Restaurant and delve into inebriety.

Henceforth, while weaving the top seven honeymoon destinations across the globe, it becomes a circumstance of cut-throat competition. A honeymoon can even get homed happily in Bora Bora islands, Philippines, Rajasthan, Hawaii, Spain, Barcelona, Italy, France, Malaysia, Mauritius, Dubai, and Switzerland.

If you’re with a perfect partner then you can visit can place it’ll be awesome and perfectly romantic and memorable. Are you planning a romantic honeymoon? Are you finding the best exotic pleasures that a place can offer you? Explore the above-jotted destinations with your destiny!