Best Exercises for Shortness of Breath – Get Instant Relief

Shortness of breath, breathlessness, and dyspnoea, it is named differently but bothers equally. Basically, trouble to take enough air to breathe is considered the situation of shortness of breath. It is distressful, uncomfortable and uneasy to live with the complaint about the whole life. You are climbing a hill, you are moving up on the stairs, you did physical exercise and everything that involves force becomes difficult.

Exercises for Shortness of Breath

Exercises for Shortness of Breath
Exercises for Shortness of Breath

Fortunately, this is not dreadful and can be managed at home only when there is no medical emergency. Ayurvedic treatment for shortness of breathing in the form of medicines as well as home remedies has presumed a success without aftereffects. Breathing exercise is the best door-way which can land you to the betterment of your lungs and other respiratory organs in addition to your overall fitness.

First of all, we need to focus on the causes of shortness of breath. Only then we can implement the quick fixes to it. Reasons are several as you can see asthma, heart problem, lung problems, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, obesity and certain types of allergies don’t let you feel relieved.

Yes, allergies also contribute to dyspnoea and worsen the situation. Especially the nasal allergies which lead to nose congestion, chest infections, and others are adversaries of our breath. These are diagnosed in modern science but not properly treated. So, it comes back from time to time. Somehow ayurvedic treatment for nasal allergy is reported helpful though.

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What possibilities are there that would help us to cure the ailment instantly?

Deep Breathing

This is done by breathing deeply through the abdomen. Just follow the steps to perform the deep breathing exercise well.

  1. Lie down on a comfortable surface and put your hands over your abdomen.
  2. Keeping the mouth shut, breathe in through the nose only. Let the abdomen expand and lungs fill in the air.
  3. Hold on for some time.
  4. Now release the air through your mouth but slowly.

Repeating for 5 to 10 minutes daily will definitely ease the discomfort of people suffering from shortness of breath.

Pursed-lip Breathing:

This is very helpful when you feel breathlessness because of anxiety or nervousness. Following steps need to be followed.

1. Take a chair, sit in a relaxed position.
2. Press the lips together making a gap in between (like you do while whistling)
3. Inhale through nose
4. Exhale through your mouth from the gap you formed.
5. Repeat for 10 minutes.
You will feel relaxed and free instantly.


Breathlessness is basically a sensation of feeling choked into your own body. Sitting in the blowy air is helpful when you feel suffocated. Sitting in front of a fan, blowing air by any handheld thing can help you get enough air and inhale better.


This is the best home remedy in many cases like cold, stuffy nose, allergies, and a sore throat because it helps to clear the nasal passages. By reducing the mucus, it cleans the lungs hence it opens the large space for the air to come in and go out.

1. Boil water and fill in an open bowl.
2. Put some mint or essential oils into the bowl.
3. Get the top of the bowl on a safer distance to it can’t scald your face.
4. Cover your head with a towel so you can only inhale the steam.
Do every time when you feel congestion.

Sitting Positions:

Always sit forward-facing so the body feels relaxed and makes breathing easier. Don’t forget to make your shoulder relaxed by resting your hands on a table or your knee.


Researches show caffeine in coffee helps to relax the muscles thus providing relief in asthma or other respiratory disorders. You can have a cup of coffee and feel airy for at least 4 hours but don’t get addicted. Excessive caffeine can cause sleepless nights.

These are the quick fixes or you can say easy breathing yoga that can be done anywhere. But don’t stick to them all the time. If the problem seems rising, immediately call your doctor. Wheezing, nervousness, shortness of breath, and anxiety could be a part of a serious issue. Make an appointment and see the specialist when the breathlessness accompanied with swollen feet, fever, chill, and cough.