What is the Best Laptop for Small Businesses? 9 Great Options

Starting up your own business is difficult enough, but when it comes down to finding a location and acquiring the best gear, it can be quite a headache.

While we can’t help with finding you a location, we can definitely help start finding the best laptop for small businesses.

Laptops are essential for any business, but one that you can take with you and keeps everything you need safe and in one place is crucial for small businesses.

Best Laptop for Small Businesses

Best Laptop for Small Businesses

So without further ado, let’s discuss the best laptops that you should consider getting for your business below.

1. Lenovo X1 Carbon Ultrabook

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This Lenovo is very pricey, being around $1,600 per unit. However, it’s a proper price range for its capabilities. This laptop has a whopping 18-hour battery life with an Intel-Core for high performance.

It runs on Windows 10 Pro and has a 16GB memory!

If your business can afford it, it’s a laptop definitely worth looking in to.

2. MacBook Pro

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Apple products are considered among the elite laptops out there. And rightfully so! The MacBook Pro is a beast of a machine.

With high performance and stellar graphics, it can certainly get any task done.

The MacBook Pro can range from 8GB – 16GB of RAM. Its storage can range from 128GB – 2TB of data!

MacBooks also come with the Terminal. The terminal enables you to do so much more with your MacBook that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. If you click the link, you can find some good Terminal commands and a little bit of info about the Terminal.

The one downside to the MacBook Pro is the price. A brand new 16-inch MacBook Pro can just up to $2,800. The 13-inch MacBook is cheaper, but it still comes in at $2,000 at the most.

If you’re looking for the performance, look, and capabilities of a MacBook, but you’re on a budget, the next option might be your best bet.

3. MacBook Air

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The MacBook Air is a cheaper, small-scale version of the MacBook Pro. It’s about 13-inches and has 8GB of memory.

It’s definitely a step-down but is a great option for small businesses. The cheapest MacBook Air is still pricey at about $1,000, but it is definitely worth it if you want a MacBook.

This MacBook Air would be best for small businesses that are a little bigger so financing the MacBooks would be possible.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro

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The Microsoft Surface Pro is a really good fit for your business.

The surface pro is about 12-inches and it has a touchscreen display!

It has about 16GB of RAM and a memory range of 4GB-16GB.

The surface pro is pretty affordable too! The new Surface Pro 7 starts at around $750. The Surface Pro is decently affordable and with all-day battery life, it will get the job done!

5. HP 15.6-inch HD

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A new unit is only $470 making it extremely affordable and one of the better options for your small business!

This laptop is touchscreen and has a one terabyte storage!

Its got good graphics and 8GB of RAM. The only downside to this laptop is a battery life of 4.5 hours.

This is a quality to overlook though considering the price and system capabilities!

6. Samsung Chromebook 3

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The Samsung Chromebook is a lightweight piece of hardware and it has an all-day battery life of 11 hours.

This Chromebook has 32GB of storage and has a decent processor. This laptop is very affordable for small businesses. Each unit clocks in at $300.

The Chromebook should have all the necessities of your small business making it one of the best options for you!

7. Huawei MateBook X Pro

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This laptop is more on the expensive side. It’s about $1,400 but is a high performing laptop that is great for quality, high-performing software.

If your business does a lot of video conferences, this laptop has a great webcam already installed!

With 6GB of RAM, an all-day battery life, and 256GB of storage, this laptop is a great choice for your business if you can overlook the price!

8. Dell XPS 13

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With a 360 degree view, this laptop runs on the Windows 10 operating system.

The Dell XPS 13 has great graphics and a 16GB memory. This should allow you to accomplish everything your business needs to do.

Each unit costs around $1250 which makes it a higher-end laptop. If you can afford it, it’s definitely worth the price!

9. HP Elite Dragonfly

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The Dragonfly is quite the laptop judging by its price of $1,500.

The price is definitely worth it! The Dragonfly is lightweight and modern in design. It has a 4k display and up to two terabytes of storage!

Given this laptop’s capabilities, it could be a better option than a MacBook Pro.

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Finish Work Today With the Best Laptop for Small Businesses

It’s important to keep in mind that some companies offer business package deals to where you can get a certain amount of units for a higher price, but it would save money compared to buying each unit individually.

Be sure to look into that option, especially if you are on a tight budget! But now that you’ve browsed the selection of top business laptops, it’s time to pick one out. The key with small businesses is to keep working!

If you don’t have a laptop, then you can’t do your work. Go ahead and check out each best laptop for small businesses and find the one that fits you and your company the best!

Browse our website for more information that will help keep your business at its best.