Best Outdoor Storage Containers: Essential Household Additions

Any backyard, big or small, needs organization. Managing your household items one by one and putting them to their proper place is a tough task to do. Storage containers can help you with that. They can keep all of your equipment safe from the weather and accessible in times of need. Here are some of the best storage sheds in the market.

Top 5 Waterproof Outdoor Storage Sheds

Waterproof Outdoor Storage Sheds

1. Keter Manor 4×6 Resin Outdoor Storage Shed

This waterproof outdoor storage has a polypropylene resin plastic and steel material. It is weather-resistant and can store about 131.8 cubic feet capacity. The construction includes a skylight, window, and a vent. It can store both large and small household items.

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2. Outdoor Small Storage Shed Metal

This one comes in brown color with a beautiful aesthetic. It has a storage capacity of 70 cubic feet which will be perfect if you have small yard space. It is also resistant to water, rust, corrosion, and heavy winds. It has a metal material so keep in mind that it will get warm during summer.

3. Suncast Vertical Shed

This waterproof outdoor storage cabinet is perfect for your ladders, bikes, and any other household items you want to keep safe from the extreme weather. It has 6×3 dimensions with a sturdy reinforced floor, multi-wall panels which ensure the strength and durability for the outdoors.

4. Outdoor Vented Storage Shed Steel Cabin

If you’re looking to add elegance to your garden, this storage unit is perfect for you. It is made of modern steel and comes in with green or yellow colors. It’s also weather-resistant and easy to assemble.

5. Horizontal Outdoor Garden Storage Shed

This storage container is perhaps the easiest one to assemble, using only 1 hour of minimal effort. The over construction is very user-friendly featuring multiple opening directions. It is a long-lasting storage shed with high durability.

4 Ways to Maximize Your Storage Space

Use a Tool Rack

Firstly, organizing your tools is the best way to maximize the space in your outdoor storage sheds. Tool racks are used to manage tools for different purposes. It makes your storage shed neat, well-organized, and very accessible.

Separate Your Bicycles

Although bikes are the most common items placed in storage sheds, it’s much better to separate them from your other household items. It’s recommended to invest another storage shed for bikes so that both of your tools and bikes are accessible during urgent matters. It also makes your storage unit more spacious.

Buy Some Utility Hooks

Utility hooks can cater to most of your household equipment such as gardening tools, bags, and even chairs. Placing these hooks properly makes your storage look spacious. It utilizes the whole length of your storage walls.

Use Rake and Shovel Hanger

Heave tools with sharp edges such as rakes and shovels can be very dangerous. A hanger can help to place them in a safe spot. Hanging these tools on the walls organizes your storage unit and makes your equipment more accessible.

3 Best Water Storage Containers for Emergencies

1. Hydrapak Seeker Collapsible BPA & PVC Free Water Storage Bag

In any disaster situation, you need emergency water storage containers. Hydrapak ensures that this water container is BPA and PVC free making it safe from harmful chemicals. It’s also lightweight and compact, making it very accessible for any emergencies.

2. 5-Gallon Coleman Jug With Water Carrier

This product is from the USA with a storage capacity of 5 gallons. It is durable, long-lasting, and portable which makes it ideal for emergency preparedness. It features a sturdy handle for gripping and a spigot for easy water access.

3. LCI Plastic Water Can

This product is an issue for some military throughout the world. This water can is portable with a storage capacity of 5 gallons. It comes with a desert sand design with high accessibility for disaster situations.


Choosing a water storage container is a tough decision to make, but buying and optimizing your storage shed is much harder. You have to make the right decision once, so proper knowledge is a huge help. Keep in mind all the things that need consideration before buying.