Best Parenting Tips For The Development Of Kids


Parenting is a joyful yet tough obligation to fulfill. The future of a child is dependent on how he was raised. Parenting is a responsibility that should be carried out effectively and properly. Anything short of effective parenting may affect a child’s development.

When kids are still in their developmental stage, there is a whole lot of responsibilities on the parents to help the child through the exploration that comes with each stage.

The actual period of parenting starts from the period of pregnancy, so every developmental care you intend to shower your child with should begin from pregnancy period. During pregnancy, you are expected to care for yourself because it’s only when you take care of yourself, and you have sound health that you will be strong enough to give your child adequate and effective parenting.

Body pillows for pregnancy
Body pillows for pregnancy

Self-care – Body pillows for pregnancy

Finding a comfortable sleeping position may become difficult during the late period of pregnancy. The baby bump makes it hard for you to sleep the way you used to. However, sleep is really important for you in pregnancy as it helps you to gather enough strength to prepare for parenting.

A pregnant woman should never get exhausted due to lack of sleep or rest. Exhaustion is not what you need in pregnancy. When it becomes difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position, body pillows are just what you need. They can help you to sleep with comfort and ease the body aches that come with pregnancy.

So, the first tip for proper parenting begins with self-care. Get enough sleep and rest well by using body pillows, then you can have enough strength to face the tough task of parenting.

Show Love Extensively

Several studies have proven that showing love extensively to your child plays an important role in their development. There’s no amount of love you shower on your child that is too much. Show love extensively to your kid by listening to them, spending time with them and showering them with hugs. Little acts like these are what makes your kid feel loved.

When you show love to your kid, it tells on their development. It helps to boost their self-esteem and confidence. The act of parental love can also trigger the release of oxytocin, the happy hormone, opioids, and prolactin which helps your kid to stay happy and emotionally contented.


You can’t rule discipline out of parenting; it’s a necessary part of parenting that helps your child to develop and grow up to be a better person. Discipline is about helping your child to develop good morals and acceptable behaviors. You can also train your child to have self-control with proper discipline and training. Establish rules for your kids and be consistent with them.

Some parents like to go with spanking as a disciplinary action for their kids. Spanking your kid means you are raising them to solve issues with violence. Spanking doesn’t help your child to know right from wrong; it will only teach them to avoid getting caught. Studies have shown that children who are spanked tend to bully other kids.

Instead, establish house rules and run your kid through the consequence of any violation. Home rules include no TV or games unless homework is completed.

Communicate with Your Child

Be your child’s best friend with constant communication. Talk to them and listen to them with interest. Kids that constantly communicate with their parents grow up to be smart and confident. Communicating with your child regularly improves their verbal skill. It also helps you as a parent to keep track of your child’s development and behavior at school.

Create Time for Bonding

You don’t always have to take your little toddler to the creche or have them babysit by a friend or family member. You should sometimes find time out of your busy schedule to spend quality time with your kid. Make time to take your kid out to the park or have a nice time at a picnic.

You may also decide to have your bonding indoor. Play games together, study with them, just play around with them. This certainly has a good effect on your child’s development.

Massage their Egos

Appreciate your little one with random hugs, a cup of ice cream or a chocolate bars after some impressive acts. Doing this will boost their self-esteem and make them feel capable. Praise and shower your kid with words that will make them feel proud. Praise their accomplishments; it will make them smarter and do better at every little task they are given.

Remember that even adults like to be praised, it is the same with kids. Massage their egos and shower them gifts for doing well at school or competitions. They will always be motivated to do more, and this, in turn, makes your kid smarter.

Be a Coach

Parenting is beyond giving food, clothing, and shelter to your kid. Help your kid to develop by being his coach. Children learn faster from their parents so you can begin to imbibe in your child everything you want him to be.

Teach your child what he should do and what he should never do. Train your child to speak up and voice out his emotion. Help him to learn to express how he feels. It is important to train children on how to express their feelings. This is the duty of a parent and not that of a school teacher.

Train your child to understand directions. It is important to know that you don’t coach children with words alone, you show them. Be your child’s coach by practicing every lesson you give them, then check for gradual developments.

Come up with a non-verbal signal that your child will understand as a warning to stop inappropriate behaviors. This will facilitate quick response and positive interaction between you and your kid.

To wrap it up, parenting is beautiful and can be exhausting at the same time. You should care for yourself physically and mentally so that you can have a good time to bring up your child in the right way.

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