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5 Best Photoshop Alternatives You Didn’t Know Exist

Adobe Photoshop is the most recognized software for photo editing but it is not the only way to give that final touch to your photographs. There are several options that have the necessary tools to turn your photography into a professional product and what better than for free.

Photoshop Alternatives

Photoshop Alternatives
Photoshop Alternatives

We know that editing is not a simple job; it’s more than a bunch of retro filters and the basic red-eye correction. We need the option to work with layers, a variety of tools and to be able to optimize our time by editing several photos at the same time.

Free photo tool: It is a good alternative to Photoshop. It is a photoshop online tool. This tool is for the following persons:

  • For persons who want to edit little changes in their photos
  • It is the good software to add fun to their photos
  • A best option to make graphics presentations
  • For the beginner who wants to learn to edit in photos

MAGIX Photo & Grafik Designer

The photo editor of the German company MAGIX Software GmbH, MAGIX Photo & Graphic Designer, is an alternative to Photoshop that, although it is not free, is not prohibitive either. Features of MAGIX Photo & Grafik Designer.

  • The program is especially convincing due to an easy-to-grasp interface, thanks to which even the less experienced, can obtain great results, both in photo retouching and in graphic design.
  • With a few clicks, it is possible to optimize images by correcting the color or shadows or adjusting the clarity and contrast. It is also possible to delete objects with the Magic Erase function.
  • Globally, the options to edit or retouch images are very comprehensible. MAGIX offers, for example, only twelve filters.

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Another tool for editing and managing digital images is Photoscape, together with GIMP, one of the most popular free alternatives to Photoshop and very popular especially among amateur photographers.

  • Due to its easy use and its solid and wide functionality for both the private user and the semi-professional, this is very satisfactory software.
  • Photoscape offers a large number of basic retouching functions such as cutting, applying effects, adding objects or correcting clarity, contrast, and color, but it is also possible to work on several photos at once, for example, to cut them, name them and correct them.
  • Similarly, it also allows you to create posters, collages or animated GIFs and convert RAW files to JPEG. Next, to this and RAM, it also supports the PNG and GIF formats.

Finally, it includes the adjustment for printing, with various templates for portraits, business cards or passport photos.

Pixlr Editor & Express

On the Pixlr website, the user can access two tools with which to carry out different tasks, Pixlr Editor, on the one hand, and Pixlr Express, on the other, both available both as a web application and as a desktop version, as well as for iOS or Android mobile devices. The web version would facilitate the editing of images directly in the browser without having to register or install the application. This is already an indicator of the application’s online approach, which creates the resulting files directly with a resolution of 96 dpi.


In the case of PicMonkey, we are also facing a hundred percent web tool whose use does not require registration or download. It really is not qualified as a total professional alternative to Photoshop but it is fun to edit everyday photos at a non-professional level since it allows you to use a large number of filters and original effects.


  • Does not require installation
  • Creative and fun effects
  • Very intuitive use just requires practice
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