Best Skin Care Tips of 2022

Well, with spring again in the corner, ready with its sunshine ready to burst in at any moment. It’s pretty certain that everyone is yearning to spend a lot of time outdoors, soaking in lots and lots of Vitamin D from the sun. Spring is the most awaited vacation season of the year, many of the people have started preparations for the vacations as well, but within this hullabaloo, about springs and plans, one thing remains pretty undiscussed about, is taking care of the skin during all the spring preparations.

Best Skin Care Tips of 2018
Best Skin Care Tips of 2018

The million dollar question remains as to whether the skin is ready to endure spring or not. So, here are some skin care tips from various experts to keep your skin healthy and glowing during the entire spring season:

Proper Application of Sunscreen:

The skincare experts and the doctors have been suggesting during ages to use sunscreen, and there are many of them who apply the sunscreen, but the underlying concern: is the sunscreen being applied correctly? Although not known to many, sunscreens can be applied as makeup or can be applied as a pre-makeup procedure. Powder Sunscreen is becoming the new favorites of the people this spring. To keep the makeup procedure at the minimum it is better if you buy a moisturizer or foundation which is already built into it.

Makeup Free Is the New Look:

Be it how much you love your blusher and the mascara and the lipsticks, but your skin does not. So, how much you are in love with your heavy makeup looks, your skin would love to go makeup-free, at least once a week. So, if you want to get the dreamy glow in your skin. According to the dermatologists, the secret to success for no makeup look is to use those skincare products which reduces the appearance of pores. Besides, the use of retinol, at least once a week to reduce irritation and also once a week use of charcoal make helps reduce the pores.

Don’t Get Carried Over:

Whenever there is a new brand that is launched in the market, which promises of fairer, tighter skin with a lift, we get interested in buying them. But, actually speaking, there is nothing more disappointing than beauty products not working in the desired way on your skin. Therefore, instead of not grabbing every beauty product you can lay your hands upon, believe on the few trusted solid products you have been using for If you are not sure as to which brand to use, you can opt for the brands that agree more with your skin type. But it’s always best to take a professional dermatologist’s opinion before choosing a skincare product.

 Follow a Particular Routine:

If you have a skincare regime, that has suited your skin and the user has actually benefited from it, then do not change it by any means. Do not break the routine after a few days or more worse still, after a few weeks. It is more important to remain consistent when it comes to the question of skin care. Most dermatologists prefer a dedicated daytime and a nighttime regime for better results. It is always prudent to remember that a fitness regime always takes 3 to 8 weeks for showing results. Therefore, hold your horses!

 Complete Face Care:

With the onset of spring and summer, the heat with the harmful UV rays can be extremely harsh to your face, especially the lips. So, first of all, take care of the lips. Believe it or not… even the lips need sunscreen. Therefore, carry a rich lip balm which contains sunscreen and SPF15 or more better if it is the SPF30. Besides, also do not forget to put in a bottle of sunscreen mist in your bag, be it any season of the year. The mist is a kind of solution where water is packed with antioxidants and nutrients and cools and hydrates the skin. Also, make it a point to protect the scalp. Although your name can give you a lot of protection from the sun, still the rays can be harmful to the scalp. Therefore, use a sunscreen spray with mist for the scalp to prevent hair fall.

Agreed that the summer is the season to kick back and relax. But it in no way means to put a slack on the daily skincare resume. This is mainly because, the extra hours we spend outside, in the park and beaches during the summer exposes us more to the harmful UV/UVB rays of the sun. Therefore, it’s more important to diligently follow the skincare routine. Also, it is important to know about the products that are suitable for our skin types. Besides, always consult your dermatologist to find out their tips on how to protect the screen this spring and summer.

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