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Today, you will know the Best ways to hide IP Address Completely. Before reading this article you must agree that privacy is the most important thing online. So, sometimes we want to browse the web as Anonymous or nameless. Hackers have no other ways without it. Every day online anonymous mode privacy increases widely.

You will be surprised by knowing that, it is possible to hack your personal information by your IP Address. For this reason, the first condition to keep privacy on the internet is hiding IP address. Storm Proxies can help you do this. Firstly there is no fake IP or duplicate IP. It means to create problems.

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What you supposed to do that, you can hide your IP. It doesn’t mean that you are full anonymous or hidden on the internet. You just wanted to keep secure your information from the internet. Also, I have an article about how to remove old personal information from internet. A resistant could trace you but 96% of the time, you can hide your IP enough. I will discuss 3 ways to get you hidden from the web. It’s your online IP security. So go ahead and read through to know the best ways to hide IP Address Completely.

Best Ways to Hide IP Address Completely

First Way is VPN

Do you know the full name of the VPN? Don’t worry, I will show you. The full meaning of VPN is Virtual Private Network. It’s a very easy term than its name. Basically, you browse web by your device or computer by entering others network. Anyhow you did any bankruptcy. It seems that those works are done from the person’s network whose network you used. Homogenization, when you connect to a VPN, then you hide your IP by their network IP. However, when you are passing through by others network, you have some risks. So, the advice is use paid VPN. There is a question is, is free VPN sell data to us? Are they exposures your real IP? The answer is, it will occur. So, my advice is use paid VPN. Generally, paid VPNs are log less. That means, they don’t store any data. So, they don’t exposures your IP by any request.

Best Ways to Hide IP Address Completely
Best Ways to Hide IP Address Completely

There have two VPN application so that you can download applications and install on your device. NordVPN and Express VPN are two nice options for you. So don’t late and try to download now. You can use NordVPN windows PC, Android Device, iOS Apple device. So download the VPN which option is the best for you.

Second Way by Using open Wi-Fi

The interesting matter is that this is the only way to hide your home or office IP. When you using public Wi-Fi, no one able to trace your location. If this hotspot belongs to any market, bus stand or Airport, then you are more hidden by the other users.

But there are some risks here:
  1. Usually, data is not encrypting on public Wi-Fi.
  2. Who connected with this network, he can see the login details. Such as E-commerce site and Facebook etc.
  3. Harmful malware or virus can be spread out here.
  4. In many ways, hackers can steal your personal data from a public Wi-Fi zone.

So, you hide your IP surely, but you have a security hole here. So take alertness for the best IP security.

Third Way by Using Web proxy

Web proxy works as like VPN. Here, web traffic flows by a proxy server. Here, your IP is hidden by proxy server’s IP. But there is some difference between proxy and VPN. Firstly, this network is not an encrypted network. Though your IP hide by proxy, howbeit, it is possible to rescue by ISP. Just not that, some website can see your real IP by flash/JavaScript. Secondly, here the browser can take you by the browser traffic. You have to chip away the proxy server’s IP from the manual browser’s settings.

Best Ways to Hide IP Address Completely
Best Ways to Hide IP Address Completely
How to set up web proxy on Web browser:

At first search free web proxy. Such as pram proxy etc. If you use your own country’s VPN server it will be very speedy for you, otherwise, if you use another country’s VPN it will not speedier much. So first, I will show how to setup proxy with Firefox. So let’s go ahead.

Setup Proxy with Firefox:
  1. Select “Option” from the main menu.
  2. Then enter the network section from the advanced tab.
  3. Click Settings below connection.
  4. Now, click manual proxy configuration then type proxy address and port on HTTP proxy field.
Setup Proxy with Google Chrome and Opera:
  1. Click settings from the main menu.
  2. Then click “Change proxy settings” below the network.
  3. Click LAN settings on Connection tab.
  4. Enable Use a proxy server for your LAN; then write Server address and port address on the field.    

If you have problems to setup proxy with Google chrome and opera, you can get help by following the comment option. However, if you helped of this article then comment your opinion as yourself. You can share this article with your friends to know about the Best Ways to Hide IP Address Completely. Always try to keep your Online IP Security.