Best Ways To Fix And Prevent Apple Charger Cable From Breaking


Broken or frayed iPhone cables are the bane of every user right from the time smartphone came into existence. However, with the help of a few simple and easy going tricks, it won’t be difficult to maintain the longevity of charger cables. You don’t have to waste money to buy those cables once in a while, as these steps will let the items last for ages without any issue.

Prevent Apple Charger Cable From Breaking
Prevent Apple Charger Cable From Breaking

1. Going for the spring trick

Yes, it might look a bit ugly but it is going to be a long honored trick, which actually works. If you have some click pens lying around, you can cut them and wrap innards around the iPhone cables for the extra layer of protection. All you have to do is just remove the pen spring and then wind it around iPhone cord at the bottom and top. Be sure to cover thicker part, located below the connector. It will prevent the cord from bending way too much and will hold the parts together.

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2. Going for that paracord trick

In case you have some crafty notes in mind then you might have created friendship bracelets at least once in your lifetime. Use that same design now for protecting your Apple charger cable. Take a part of paracord and gut it. Be sure to melt down the ends to avoid fraying it and start weaving it around the charging cables using cobra knot. The end will look a lot less ugly when compared to pen spring and will turn out to be a colorful addition to the charger.

3. With the help of electrical tape

You can always try to use some of the commonly used items to protect your charger and make it last long. You can take an electrical tape and wrap that around the cord. After that, you can meet plugs quite tight as you can. Well, you are through! This trick is great for a little bit of time and it is good in pinch. But with passing time, the tape will start to loosen up a bit and might leave a sticky residue. But, if you are looking for an immediate fix for a short period of time before buying a new cord, this idea will work great then.

4. The heat shrink tubing trick

The easiest and promising way to repair charging cable or protecting a new one is by using the electrical based heat shrinking tube. This item is rather cheap and can be availed in multiple colors. You can find it easily at your nearby hardware store in electrical sides. If you want, you can but one item, which will fit perfectly with the color of your iPhone cord. You can use this same trick for repairing not just iPhone but even your Mac book charger cables. Slide it over cable and heat it with hairdryer. It can shrink well to fit the cable and offering good reinforcement.

Trying out these simple and quick steps will help your Apple charger cord to last long. You can follow anyone you like!