Bone Conduction Headphones for Hearing Impaired People


What is Bone Conduction?

A bone Conduction hearing loss is a sound which is relevant to the bones. Bone conduction is a device which is used by the people who are suffering from the problem of hearing loss. We hear sound through the bones and the eardrum, but mostly the sounds are heard by the eardrum. When we hear the sound by the eardrum, the eardrum converts the sound waves into the vibrations and transfer the vibrations to the inner ear. Sometimes vibrations are directly heard by the inner ear bypassing the eardrum.

Bone Conduction Headphones
Bone Conduction Headphones

Through the mechanism of bone conduction, the vibrations are directly transmitted to the inner ear without passing through the eardrum. Which helps the deaf people to listen the sound clearly.

What is Bone Conduction Hearing Device?

Bone conduction is discovered by Ludwig van Beethoven in the 18th century. He was completely deaf, he founds a way to hear the sound of the piano through his jaw bone. He takes a rod and attach one end of a rod to the piano and clenched the other end in his teeth. He receives the vibration of the sound as he plays the piano and makes the perception of the sound when the vibrations transfer from the piano to his jaw. Basically, it is designed to know the natural capability of the body to transmit the sound.

A bone Conduction hearing device is a hearing aid for those people who have problems in the outer and the middle ear. This device is also used as the alternative of the hearing aid devices. It is a device which transfers the sound directly to the inner ear without passing the sound to the middle and the outer ear. It is very useful for the Conductive and the and mixed hearing loss.

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Who Needs the Bone Conduction Devices

As the bone Conduction devices are used to transmit the vibrations of the sound directly to the inner ear. any person having difficulty hearing or suffering from the problem of hearing loss can use these devices. These devices are very useful for the people who are suffering from one-sided Sensorineural deafness. People who face the difficulty in the middle ear or in the external ear, these devices are very useful to such peoples. As by using these devices the sound is direct passes to the inner ear without coming in contact with the inner ear or external ear and helps the people to hear the sound.

Working of Bone Conduction Hearing Devices

A bone Conduction Hearing device Consists of two parts:

  1. External part,
  2. Surgically implanted fixture.

There are two types of bone conduction implant, the first one is the fixture that protrudes through the skin. While the second is fully implanted under the skin, with the processor attached using a magnet which is already present inside the processor.

List of Top Bone Conduction Headphones

There are many hearing aid devices designed which can fulfill the needs of the hearing impaired people. It is not necessary that all the hearing impaired people have the same hearing problems it differs from person to person. Some of them use Bone Conduction headphones while some use other hearing aid devices. The hearing aid market focused on all the problems which the hearing impaired people faces in their daily life routine. Then they are making such hearing aid devices which can solve all the problems. Some of the top Bone conduction headphones are listed as follows :

  1. AfterShokz:  Bone Conduction Headphones: It is one of the most used and comfortable bone-conducting headphones within the best budget. These headphones are wireless and designed as the safe component than other headphones and earbuds. They give the high-quality sound right through the cheekbones so that one can hear the high-quality sound. This is light weighted, multi-pairing and very comfortable.
  2. JUHALL:  Bone Conduction Headphones: It is one of the best product of the current time i.e of 2018. It came into the consideration with other technologies as they can be used as sportswear. This device does not create any pressure in the ear. Its sound quality is far better than the ordinary headphones and earbuds. This device is easy to setup, fast and secure.
  3. Oannao:  Bone Conduction Headphones: This device is easy to afford. This device does not only have the good quality sound but also has many improved features. You will not feel any kind of pressure on your head while wearing this.

Did Bone Conduction Headphones Work for the Deaf?

Yes, Bone Conduction Headphones allows the deaf people to hear. Not even this Bone Conduction Headphones also allow the swimmers to hear the sound underwater. This device is very useful for the people who are facing some kind of hearing problems where sound cannot move forward from the outer ear to the middle ear or inner ear. Bone conduction headphones allow the person to overcome all the problems regarding the hearing.


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