10 Brilliant Remodeling Ideas to Enhance a Small Bathroom

Lots of people complain about their small bathrooms. Commonly, they face difficulties concerning limited space, lack of style, little functionality or outdated features. But today we’re going to show you some tricks to overcome these issues.

The first step is to jot down notes about what you don’t like in your bathroom. The next step is to do your research and find solutions to change those things. You can check social media, refer to home improvement blogs, and ask friends.

Enhance a Small Bathroom

Enhance a Small Bathroom
Enhance a Small Bathroom

Cape Cod bathroom remodeling ideas are known for combining elegance and comfort. Of course, if that is not quite your style there are plenty of other options. So, keep reading if you want to find solutions and ideas to upgrade your small bathroom.

1 Never Skip the Planning Phase

Remember, any remodeling project should be done in phases and thoroughly planned out before you make any commitments. To start, make sure your plan is practical and within the constraints of your budget.

In terms of practicality, it also means choosing a functional plot. How can you do this? Start by analyzing the drawbacks you experience within the small area.

Ask yourself these common questions, then plan your remodel based on the answers:

  • Do you need more floor space?
  • Is there enough storage room?
  • Is there a place to hang towels?
  • Do the appliances work?
  • Does it look bland or outdated?
  • Is the shower enclosed?
  • Does the sink get in the way?

There are many more areas that could be improved upon, but those are some of the more common complaints. After identifying opportunities for improvement, go ahead and build your plan. Here are some ideas below.

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2 The Floating Effect

When you don’t have a lot of floor space to work with, the bathroom can feel claustrophobic. Make a little more room by installing wall-mounted appliances and furniture. The area will feel more spacious when you can view a larger portion of the floor.

Try this with the toilet, sink, vanity, counters, shelves and anything else you can think of. Floating storage is also space-saving and efficient. Consider using baskets, cabinets or cubbies.

3 Recessed Bathroom Cabinets and Cubbies

If you are renovating a small bathroom you’re probably looking to get more room for storage. Recessed style cabinets, shelving, and cubbies are a noninvasive way of achieving this. Not to mention the difference of wall textures will create a modern style.

This may require custom creation, but it is worth every dime. Still, bathroom cabinet prices can soar pretty high, so try consulting with designers to learn about any sales or deals.

4 Strong Style Statements

Some people believe the bathroom should be a sanctuary. With some bold style choices, the room can have breathtaking allure. Following a theme will have the best outcome.

Try pairing deep vivid colors with elegant gold accents. Add the main attraction, like a unique floating vanity, to draw the eye. Top the look off with a luxury faucet and recessed lighting around the mirror. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider using a unique tile pattern from the ceiling down to the floor.

5 Creative Tile Treatments

Artistic tiles look great on the floors, walls, and ceilings, but you may choose to tile just a section of the bathroom instead. Doing this can draw the eye to a specific area.

High-quality tiles that imitate wood, marble or jade can look quite stunning. You can also find them in interesting shapes as well as design. There is a lot to choose from, so make sure you check out your options! Take countertops and shelving into consideration too and choose your tile accordingly.

6 Unique Bathroom Countertops and Shelving

Like the cubby and bathroom cabinet ideas, moving upwards and inwards is key for counters and shelves. Wall mounted, or “floating” countertops are efficient and give the room a modern look as well. Thick-edged marble or granite makes nice luxury bathroom countertops. On the other hand, a thin glass or wood countertop is more simplistic.

Recessed shelving is modern and stylish. They function especially well in shower walls for storing toiletries. Check around for underutilized wall space, such as the area above the toilet or sink. You can mount some wall shelves or towel bars in that area.

7 Creative Towel Bar Placement

A towel bar is not too much to ask for, but so many small bathrooms don’t have one. To the naked or unconcerned eye, there would seem to be no space, but it only takes some imagination. See if any of these places will work:

  • Above the toilet
  • Above the sink
  • Shower door/partition
  • Cabinet door
  • Bathroom door
  • Higher up on the wall

Consider using a towel ring instead of a bar. They take up less space and are easily placed in convenient areas, like next to the sink.

8 Practical Corner Sink

It’s common for the sink to get in the way of the toilet, making the bathroom feel cramped and uncomfortable. A corner sink is a perfect solution. You can get one that is shallow, narrow and mounted on the wall for the best effect. This can also present an opportunity to add some flair with mirrors.

9 Mirrors and Glass Decoration

A large, framed, or interestingly shaped mirror can really brighten up the place. Large wide mirrors create the illusion of space and make up for a lack of windows. It improves lighting by bouncing it around the room. A unique wall mirror can also add character and take on more of an art form.

Strategically placed glass panels can also create a more free-flowing design. It can be used as a partition between the shower and the rest of the bathroom or it can be used for shelves and countertops. It is among the cheaper materials and easy to clean too.

10 Remodel Your Bathroom

Yes! It is time to make some big changes in your little bathroom. But wait! Before you make a move, consider hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor. Most people don’t know that this is among the cheapest of your expenses, yet well worth the money.

This kind of project can get expensive, and they can show you some great ways to make it affordable. Plus, they’ll have better resources available for countertops, cabinets and other contractors. So why not let someone assist you with turning your dream into a reality?

Hopefully, you’ve found inspiration to try in your own bathroom renovation.