Broker Back Office: Are You A Trader or An Investor?


If you have just entered into the investment world – most likely you will hear two common words “trading” and “investment.” These are the two primary means to interact with the marketplace. For many who may be new to this or for those who are a bit naive and ignorant of the terminology – these two business endeavors may appear to be the same.

They do share some similarities, but overall they are very different and in this article, we will g over what makes an investor and what makes a trader. So if you plan on entering into the investment world then sit tight because we will break down exactly what the differences are with these two.

And if you have some knowledge of what the difference is between these two and are looking to better in case your clienteles then hang tight because we will explain what Broker Back Office is and how it can help to streamline your business as well as give you a bit more time and more managerial skills that will take your trading or invest to the next level.

Broker Back Office: Are You A Trader or An Investor?

Now, trading and investing are sillier in regards that they are both people who are investing in the marketplace. However, where these two professors differ comes from how they go about investing in the marketplace.

Broker Back Office
Broker Back Office

Moreover, it is here where things become very interesting.


Because it shows how versatile and how many options a person has to make money in the marketplace. Furthermore, with the internet making it even more comfortable for ANYONE to start investing or trading in the marketplace there really is no excuse as to why anyone cannot make a living online.

There are a plethora of apps out there that not only teach you how to trade and invest but also he’s to regulate your whole trading or on easting endeavors. Moreover, it will do it FOR YOU.

It is ridiculously easy to start getting into the marketplace but what may be difficult for many is choosing whether they are a trader or an investor. Moreover, that is where we can start to help you.

So What Exactly Is A Trader And An Investor?

It is salient to understand that there are several types of traders and there are several types of investors. For stocks either are stock investors (which are widely known even to the most uneducated individual and then ether are the stock traders.

Stock Trader

The stock traders are individuals (or in some cases entities) who renege in trading equity security. Alternatively, they may also transfer financial assets. They can work for themselves or on behalf of other people.

Keep this in mind because Broker Back Office in a platform that traders and investors can use but this is especially beneficial for people who trade for other people. These people may be:

  • agents
  • hedgers
  • arbitrageurs
  • speculators
  • investors

Stock Investor

The stock investor is individuals (or they may be entities) that use their ON money and asset to buy equity security. Their goal is to gain returns. Moreover, the returns come in the form of interest, appreciated value and income.

A More In-Depth Definition

To go a bit further in depth regarding defining these two somewhat similar individuals. Traders participate in the marketplace by buying shared in companies. The trader’s sole interest lies in the marketplace to the company or business.

Traders are very much for the short-term financial rewards. Moreover, what we mean by the short term, is that there are four types of traders out there. The four traders styles are:

  • Position trader – month to years
  • Swing trader – days to weeks
  • Day trader – throughout the day
  • Scalp trader -seconds to minutes

Most traders are professional, and they can either work full-time or part-time. The amount of money they can make is entirely up to them, and this is one of the significant perks of trading. However, that is not to say that it is easy to make money, well at least initially.

Stock traders focus on:

  • Price Patterns – they look for trends of prices in a particular niche and try to predict where that trend will go and monetize off of the prediction. Forex would be a great example of this. Now, this particle skill is challenging to master as the market is very unpredictable. However, analysts who have hired their skills are quite able to predict the trends and make much money in ONE DAY. This is one of the benefits for working as a trader. Immediate results.
  • Supply and Demand – they will try to watch a trend on a given day and determine where they think the market will go.
  • Market Emotion – the market as I have sates a few time in this article is capricious. Trading is tough because the market can change on a dime. There is a particular skill that some traders have acquired which is known as “fading” when a trader who has years of analyzing the market will bet AGAINST the trend. In taking action like this, they make an impressive amount of money…IF, they are lucky.
  • Trader Support – for these traders if they have built up a portfolio they will have people seeking them out to help generate liquidity.

As you can see traders are very much straight to it. They are short-term financial professional in the sense that they seek immediate results.

Is that bad?

It depends on the person. There are some people, many people, who have made a fortune in a few days whereas it usually takes many years to make a fortune. It is essential to know this isn’t like gambling although it does appear like it. There is a skill to trading, and it asks years to master.

Stock Investors

Stock investors are different from the traders and in a few ways with the most noticeable being the time frame to which they get results. As we mention d, the traders are immediate result seekers. They focus on making money on that given day. The bad thing about traders is if they don’t work that day they don’t get paid. If they in trade they don’t get paid.

Now with investors, they tend to treat stocks shares as part of theirs (meaning they take own age of it a bit). They value the company or business and this they place their money into the stock and get back much more as the company or business grows because they own a little bit of it.

Their stagey and mindset is “buy and hold”. Buy stocks and hold them for a long time until the company or business gets better and the higher the business succeeds so do they financially. Now it may very well be evident but the payout is not immediate, and it could take months to years before seeing some income come back your way.

For Stock Investor What They Consider is:

  • Value – They can see the value in a company long before the company or business becomes successful. Look at Google. The people who invested in Google when it first started out are sitting on a heap of cash. Another example would be two companies that are making different earnings. The one with the lower value will most likely have more investors.
  • Success – They look for companies and business that they think will ahem a bright future.

An investor is very much the long-term players. They make their earning by having an eye for detail and having a sight that can see air into the future.

Traders Vs. Investors

There is no completion between these two because each of them offers there own value and their way of mail money in the marketplace,

It all depends on how the person views the marketplace coupled with their temperament. If you ahem a person who is after the quick cash, I won’t say quick and easy because trading is not that easy, then trading is the avenue to which they want to travel down. A great deal of money can be made in ONE DAY if you know what you are doing.

Alternatively, if you have a mind that can peer into the future and an eye that can spot success before success ever blossoms then investing is a great option. Many people who invested in many online businesses when an online business first started on well off today form a straightforward investment.

Trading may very well give you that many instantaneously but you must confuse trade every day to make money.

With an investment, you can make an earning and not have to worry about money again because you own a bit of that company. This is not to say that one is betters then the other but that there are different ways to make money and it is essential that you understand what type of person you are.

Each avenue has its pros and its cons. However, they both can help you make a living in the marketplace.

Broker Back Office

For those who are experienced in other trading or investing and are also trading for others and investing for other then there are many software platforms out there that can help to manage many accounts and keep you up to date with accounts that are doing and o in need of immediate attention.

Let’s be honest it can be a difficult task trying to handle multiple accounts and stand behind a screen all day is not always the mist benefice way to make a living.

Software and apps like Broker Back office allow you to streamline your business by putting much of the business on automation. You get alerts when an account is losing money or when an account needs your attention.

Furthermore, you have a great deal of management over all your clients in an elegant and orderly fashion. The interface is relatively easy, and it is more than possible to manage multiple accounts without losing your head over it.

With so many numbers, names and account it acne be challenging to track all of them. 25% of the traders use broker back office in the marketplace. Moreover, when you have a quarter of a profession suing something, then it must be sob something right.

The platform is straightforward to install and helps you manage the task that you would deem to be tedious.

What Are You? Trader Or Investor

This is an answer that only you will be able to tell yourself. We have laid out all that makes up a trader and hat makes an investor.

Well, in layman’s terms.

If you are someone who wants that quick financial result then being a trader may very well be the avenue that you want to troll down. However, f you are someone who has an eye for details and can spot success way before it aspens then you might want to cinder being an investor.

Regardless of your decision, whatever it may be…there are many ways to which you can make a living in the marketplace. Moreover, with the internet giving so much more opportunities now is a great time to start abetting into the marketplace.

The internet has made it fair for anyone who has the drive and the determination to succeed financially to do so.

Moreover, with the proper software and the suitable apps, it is more than the possibility to start making today via the marketplace.

So you must decide what you are…

A trader or an investor?