Cartier Watches: A Ladies Choice Jewel For Luxury Class

An elegant woman with an impeccable fashion sense gets always drawn to a high level of desire for the luxury class. It is their way of conversing their magnificence and confidence to a world filled with expectations. They find a different sense of fulfillment when they can satisfy that fetish craving to be elegantly attractive and luxuriously beautiful.

Cartier Watch

Cartier Watches A Ladies Choice Jewel For Luxury Class

The pamper of delicate and lovely jewels like watches are stunning adornments that entice a woman’s image. A type of watch should define beauty, class, and luxury.  This perfect combination of characteristics will highlight that grandeur innate to a sophisticated lady’s elegant, luxurious styling.

The History Of Cartier As A Luxury Class Timepiece

There is more to the beauty of any fine watches, amidst the eyes. It is how the history of this artistry that paves the way to its excellence. With Cartier Watches as a notable brand in the market, it dramatically hails also in a beautiful history of its development. The history of luxurious watch craftsmanship dates back to 1847.

The sought after jewelry of class was started by the rare gift of watch craftsmanship during his time by Louis-Francois Cartier. He had a beautiful talent that gave birth to the most refined artistry found in the Cartier watches brand. Enchanted by this jewel’s luxury elegance, Princess Mathilde, the cousin of Napoleon III, deeply admired these watches’ pristine beauty.

A princess’s admiration to this astounding watch artistry lured other clients like Empress of France, Eugenie. The adoration from well-known people who had excellent adherence to luxury styling made the Cartier brand expand beyond its horizon. Here are some of its magnificent timepieces, a masterpiece that marks the beauty of luxury.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier 36 mm Automatic Silver Dial 18kt Pink Gold

This watch beholds a luxury art at its finest. The case of the watch itself is a complete amusement because of its top-of-the-line pink gold material in 18kt. A lady wearing this watch will leave her lookers in awe because of the finely curated features such as its dial made in silver lacquered, indexes lavished in diamonds, and watch hands blue steel color.

The strap of this watch is a treasure in the leather of alligator texture. It is the closest meaning of perfection because it does not get luxurious in its aesthetic physical appearance; it gives uncompromised functionality at the same time. The watch has a power reserve of up to 42 hours and is highly resistant to water damage up to 30 meters.

Rondel Louis Cartier 29 mm Quartz Silver Dial 18kt Rose Gold

As part of the stunning addition to the luxury line of watch jewel from Cartier, this watch is a head-turner. A lady will never take a second glance as it will be captivated immensely by its case material made of 18kt rose gold. On top of its 29 mm measurement, the case gets a solid round shape and back.

Look no further away because this watch is a class of femininity. It has a dial that gets embellished in beautiful grains of silver that is indeed worth buying. The watch hands get a hint of vibrance because of its hand watch in blue steel color like an apple’s shape.

Pasha de Cartier Automatic Silver Dial

This watch made it appealing to satisfy the craving for a simple touch of elegance. It is a beauty in its stainless case material, but it leaves a grand lady in awe with its stunning luxury of a transparent back. The indexes get made into a classic posh of Arabic numerals. Plus, a timeless, attractive silver to complete the look of its dial.

Nonetheless, a watch of a silent luxury to behold is also a brand that boasts its high caliber savviness. This watch is renowned for its functionality of being water-resistant within 100 meters. It also has a power reserve capacity of 40 hours.

Santos-Dumont 38 x 27.5 mm Quartz Silver Dial Stainless Steel

A watch that can traverse beauty to the eyes of a lady lured into the fashion sense of luxury. This watch is appealing with its dial created in silver and hands in blue steel color that forms a swordlike image.  It gives an unspoken lush of loveliness to its strap made of durable leather. The addition of beautiful functions like water resistance makes this watch stand out.


To splurge in the happiness of luxury gives women that level up of self-love. It boasts her character to appear chic and fabulous physically. On top of her wit and charm. With the finest Cartier watch collection out of luxurious craftsmanship and functionality. Ladies with optimum adherence to luxury posh find the worth of their money in this priceless jewel.