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5 Tips to Choose Cheap Granite Worktop for Your Kitchen

A decent kitchen is a definition of how much you take care of your hygiene and your well being. When you call someone to your place for the first time, you spend hours decorating the living room, putting in fresh flowers, working to give your home a perfect look and create a perfect ambiance for your guest. You even fix your bedrooms just in case you decide to give them a tour of your room. But what you tend to forget is the look of your kitchen.

You might clean your countertops after every use, keep the utensils in place, but it can still bring down the reputation of your home you have worked so decently to upgrade. Why? A kitchen is a place where the maximum work happens, especially with kids around. We try to keep things intact but it still fails to bring out the beauty of it. The solution to it is simple.

Cheap Granite Worktop

Cheap Granite Worktop
Cheap Granite Worktop

While you are decorating your home for the first time, the initial period, when you are deciding the whole look of your place, that is the time that really makes a difference. The kitchen is a one-time investment. No one keeps r4enuvating their kitchen place just because. As for the maintenance, you do not spend that much time on it. You swipe the tops and wipe off the food and that’s it. Over time the shine starts to fade away and no matter how much efforts to make to keep it look new, it doesn’t work.

To avoid such situations in the future, one must spend some time researching before actually deciding the kitchen tops for his home. From cheap granite worktops to glass-tops and laser-cuts, there are the variety of choices available in the market and if researched properly, you can find the right option, in the right budget for yourself.

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Here are 5 ways in which you can choose the cheap granite worktop for yourself.

1 Budget

Fix a budget for designing your whole kitchen. Then according to that budget, allow the amount you are willing to spend on the worktop. If you think it is sufficient to get granite worktop for the entire countertop then go for it. If not, you can try mixing and matching and get granite top for the areas that would come to the use most and have a cheaper option for the area that won’t.

2 Installation Charge

Just deciding the worktop is not enough. Before actually buying the material, calculate the total amount you would be spending, which includes the cutting and the installation charged. Granite worktops UK are the most preferred as they are easier to cut and install, especially due to the advanced machinery.

3 Right Height

When you have decided the material you need to look deeper into it. Find out the correct kind for your house. Choose the right variety based on its use. The standard height is good for cooking and cutting, but if you are planning to dine in the kitchen, then it won’t be comfortable for you. In the same way, if you are into baking and would be doing a lot of it in the kitchen, then granite would make a good choice as it cools down easily.

4 Depth and Thickness

The depth and the thickness of the worktop would also depend on the work. More the thickness more would be the strength and the durability of the product. But, it would also mean, more cost. What you can do in such a situation is to mix it with other material, add different layers and then get it the thickness that is desired.

5 Maintenance

A surface that is as solid as granite is easier to maintain. It is non-porous, adapts well to the heat and the cutting. It doesn’t easily tear off and it is good for kitchens that have too much cooking activities taking place in it. Maintenance is one of the most important deciding factors for the countertops as the way you maintain it will define how long it is going to last.

Keep in mind the following points before choosing the countertops, base your judgments by asking if they fulfill all such conditions and you will have a kitchen that looks new and clean for a much longer period as compared to others.

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