Checklist of Things Before Home Renovation

In this extremely competitive real estate market, it is very important to constantly keep your house well-maintained. Whether you decide to sell your house, rent it our or even get an estimate of the price in the market, it is very important to keep it luxurious and beautiful at all times. If you are planning to renovate your place, some of the most important things that you can need to take care of.  For Example: Here we can find a perfect masterpiece, Old Canadian Icon to get a makeover.

Researching Your Preferences & Priorities

If you have decided to renovate your house, it is very important to make sure you know everything you want. It is very vital to do some research and planning before you begin your strategic renovation. First of all, it is very important to highlight any major issues that need some maintenance such as fixture, plumbing, water management or any other issues in the house. Apart from this, renovating home can also cause distraction and disturbance in your home so it is very important to get a new place to live in before you begin the work. You can rent an Airbnb or a guest house to live in while your home gets renovated. To save additional costs, you should also try to do the smaller maintenance stuff by yourself so you can mend it.

Gathering Ideas

home renovation
Gathering Ideas

When you are spending so much money and time on your maintenance and renovation, it is good that you choose the type of design and color you want for your furniture, paintings, colors, and room décor beforehand. You can gather all the ideas from the internet and social media platforms including but not limited to Pinterest and Instagram interior décor pages. Moreover, you also need to come up with a theme or pattern that you can follow in the entire house. If there are any specific issues you want to get resolved, create a room-by-room list and write all the problems that need fixing.

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Budgeting and Costing

After you have collected the ideas and highlighted the fixtures, make a rough estimate of the cost. It is very important to know beforehand how much will your house renovation cost you so that you do not lose money on the last hour. It is recommended to find the cheapest possible solution to all the problem while not compromising entirely on the quality. You also need to prioritize the things and issues which are most important to resolve. For example, a great amount should be dedicated to the renovation of the bathroom and kitchen. If you can renovate them, your house will be at much better market value than it previously was.

Budgeting and Costing
Budgeting and Costing

Once you are done with budgeting, try to find the right vendor for everything. The close family members and friends can help you find the experts for everything from painting rooms to plumbing your bathroom. Moreover, to save some costs, you can also perform some tasks on your own and save additional costs.

Get Quotations from Different Places

Get the quotes from your friends and family and make sure you get the right price for everything. Do not agree for any quotation unless you are completely satisfied. Before the renovation begins, make sure you have read and agree to everything before the contract is signed. You can also find a place to live in before the hustle bustle begins in your house. Otherwise, you will have to readjust your living conditions in the house you are in. Make sure you have ample time to go through the entire process as it is usually very time-consuming especially if you expect the best quality.

After the renovation is done, reevaluate and reconsider your house to see if everything has been perfectly delivered. Do not settle for less if you desire more and make sure to keep your living place well-maintained!

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