Considerable Things Before Trusting Online Apparel Store

Online shopping has become so frequent that people become dependent on these sites to buy dresses off for their most important days like wedding and engagement. The main reason behind online shopping is the availability of more options than a brick & mortar store. While searching in the local market, you need to spend the whole evening to buy a single dress and it is a tiring task.

Online Apparel Store

Online Apparel Store
Online Apparel Store

On the other hand, online shopping is very convenient and doesn’t make you feel tired. However, the biggest problem is how to identify that the attire you are choosing is from the original company or the copy. Even the biggest online stores are not untouched with the fake products. When it comes to the question of brand credibility, you need to do some homework before doing online shopping. Here are some useful tips that will help you.

Tips to Shop from a Genuine Online Apparels Store

#1. Try to find the official site rather than mix brand store

In a mixed brand online store, the risk of buying fake products always remains higher. Therefore, try to find the official website of a brand that you prefer for women corporate workwear, casual wear or for bike riding. If you buy the product directly from the manufacturing company’s website, there will be almost zero risks of fraud deal.

#2. Don’t go with unbelievable discounts

In the festival seasons, there is a huge risk of buying a fake product because people do online shopping with credit card blindly after getting attracted to the unbelievable price crash. Genuine brands never decrease the price to 70-80% low. Always compare the actual price with the current offer and consider it doubtful if there is a margin beyond your expectation.

#3. Packaging Quality

A genuine brand of apparel always takes extra care while packing. When you buy a genuine leather jacket,  worktops for women or any other attire, the packaging will illustrate whether the product has come from a genuine supplier or not. If you receive the courier in a flimsy packing, return it back.

#4. Flawed fonts and spelling mistakes

At first sight, you may not differentiate between real or fake, but the fonts, logos and spelling mistakes can reveal the truth. Thoroughly examine the font and compare it with the original one. Just take a picture of that font or logo and compare it with the fonts of an official website. If there is a little bit change in the font like misalignment or smug, consider it a fake product. Also, the flaws in logo design can easily guide you to identify the original cloth.

#5. Zips, stitching and fabric feel

When you receive your order, open the packing and thoroughly check all aspects including the stitching, buttons placement, smoothness of zipping and feel of the fabric. Read the packing box to check the manufacturing material. If 100% cotton is written on a stretchable trouser, return it back immediately.

#6. Brand name and logo placement

The manufacturer of original apparels prints their brand name and logo on various areas such as buttons, wash care tag, zipper, hook and sometimes embroidery too. Check thoroughly every aspect to identify the branding. In most of the cases, first or second copies skip such kind of precise details.

#7. Check for contact details and barcode

After receiving the package, read the contact details carefully to confirm that it has arrived from an original source. If there is no contact of the seller, there must be something doubtful.

#8. Leather products testing

Leather attires are one of the most expensive accessories of your wardrobe and you don’t want to get looted after spending a huge amount of money. There are several ways to check that whether your leather jacket, wallet or sandals are real or fake. Pour a little drop of water; the real leather will absorb moisture in a few seconds but the Rexine or PU will not.

If possible, expose a little bit of small area to the lighter flame. If the leather is real, there will be a smell like burning hair and it will not get any major damage. On the other hand, faux leather smells like burning plastic and catches fire easily. If you don’t want to take the risk, check the edges, the leather jackets of Sculpt or any other genuine supplier will have rough edges.

These are some of the important points that you must remember before blindly trusting on an online portal. After receiving the product, check even the smallest detail that is related to the credibility.