Convert Online Visitors into Loyal Customers

Instagram has grown in a couple of years to become a widely-sought after social media platform for people in the age group of 18 years to 30 years. This social media platform is a photo sharing interface that not only appeals to you personally but professionally as well. If you examine Instagram today, there are more than 800 active users. Businesses both small and big should bank on this social media platform to get a competitive edge in the market. When it comes to the use of Instagram, it is a mobile application that can be easily downloaded on your smartphone.

Convert Online Visitors into Loyal Customers
Convert Online Visitors into Loyal Customers

You can use this platform by uploading pictures of your products and sharing them with your network. You do not need a digital camera for the purpose. You need to click the photographs and directly upload them to the platform. You can use the friendly photo-filters to make the photo look attractive and appealing as well.

The Challenge of Converting Visitors into Customers Online

Every business owner faces the challenge of turning online visitors into customers online. Even large corporations with repute and credibility in the market need to attract and retain their existing customers with their services and products. Instagram is a simple platform to help such businesses visually market their brand. However, when it comes to search engine optimization of their business site, WordPress plays a vital role.

WordPress is SEO friendly, and it attracts more targeted audience and traffic over others. The platform is an open-sourced one, and developers are working on WordPress all the time. For getting the maximum benefits of WordPress and Instagram for your business website, you can integrate both of them with the help of a WordPress Instagram theme.

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Reasons for you to embrace WordPress Instagram Themes & Plugins

Promoting your website via Instagram helps you to market your business with success. Combining WordPress with Instagram helps you to get more success in your store. These Instagram WordPress themes and Plugins are readily available online. Some are free while some are paid. You should check the features of both before you decide to use them for your website.

WordPress themes not only help you to increase your followers but it showcases your best content to your targeted audience. This helps you to promote your services, products, and brand in different ways. Instagram comprises mostly your business photos and what can be a better way than connecting with your targeted audience with them on your WordPress site? You can establish a personal touch with your audience with the help of these WordPress Instagram themes and increase followers effectively.

For instance, you can use an Instagram Feed on your site where you display photos taken by real customers. This helps you to invoke trust and confidence for your brand in the market. Here, if you market your photos via an Instagram Feed, you will not only showcase your products and services to your targeted audience, but you will have real customers promoting your brand too. You can use to increase likes, shares, and followers especially if you are new in the market and looking for a decent number of followers for your Instagram profile. It helps you to manage your website and ensures that you get maximum returns from it as well.

The difference between an Instagram WordPress Plugin and an Instagram WordPress Theme

If you are new in the online business world and want to increase your brand presence in the market, opting for WordPress themes and plugins is a prudent choice. WordPress is a good SEO-optimized platform for your business. However, at times you may wish to improve the functionality of your website. Under normal circumstances, you have to buy an entire software package for the purpose. However, at times this might not be possible. This is where a plugin steps in to help. You can get the same application or functionality with the help of this plugin.

There are many WordPress Instagram plugins available on the market. With them, you effectively can get the desired function you need for your website. However, when you are searching for plugins, make sure that you need it. Do not follow others and believe since they have a plugin you should have one as well. Plugins will slow down the loading time of your website. So, be smart and search for a WordPress Instagram plugin that you need to improve the functionality and applications of your site.

WordPress Instagram themes work on the layout of your site to improve it.

Now, when it comes to WordPress Instagram themes, they are targeted to improve the layout and the appearance of your website. There are themes meant for companies and bloggers. Each of them has unique features. Some give you many homepage layout options to choose from. Some provide you with a color palette that is vibrant. These themes can be used for e-commerce or fashion websites. There is a vast array of attractive ideas online, and each of them offers you the chance to connect with your targeted audience and establish a personal connection with them successfully.

Both plugins and themes have to be set up correctly. The installation process for both of them is simple. You do not have to hire the services of a technical professional to help you with the set -up the process. As mentioned above there are both free and premium plugins and themes available for your use. Remember, when you are downloading a theme or a plugin that is free, you will not get the complete version of it. This is like downloading an online game for free.

When you download it online, you had the opportunity to play the game only for a limited period. However, if you download the complete version of the game, you can enjoy all its features 100%. You own the game for a period unlimited and derive full functionality with it as well. Ascertain what you need and decide accordingly!