Today our subject is the difference between current account and savings account. The main function of the bank is to get the opportunity to withdraw money from the said deposits by accepting money as a deposit from the public. Even the bank’s duties are executed through a special method that called bank account. There have different types of bank accounts. But the current accounting is the main. After all, we are going to learn what the difference between current account and savings account.

Difference Between Current Account And Savings Account

Difference Between Current Account And Savings Account

What is Current Account?

During the banking period, the depositor can calculate the amount of time he wants to keep his money and whenever he wishes to withdraw the money, it can be called current account. In the calculation world, the current accounting is more important in all accounts and it is very popular to traders. However, the commercial bank is the best for opening current account. To verify more, you can see the best Characteristics of Commercial Bank. Below we will get opinions about the current account of two great people.

Prof. M. Radhaswami: The current account is such an account that as money can be deposited repeatedly and can be withdrawn.

Prof. Varshney:  Current accounts are such a dynamic and ongoing account which any transaction on a working day can be completed.

In the context of current accounting, we can say that through the account, the bank gives the opportunity to withdraw the money deposited in the account, by presenting it as the current account. And this is one kind of difference between current account and savings account. Every time the money is collected or withdrawn from the bank’s account, it is possible to deposit or withdraw money. Depositor does not get interest from this account.

What is Savings Account?

Generally, the deposit account opened in the bank for the purpose of saving is called savings deposit account. And savings deposit is the savings account. As such, the amount of money can be deposited on a working day. It is also possible to withdraw money if necessary. This is as low-interest rate as is provided. Below are descriptions of various types of savings deposits account.

Saving Account

Saving Account

General Savings Account

Savings deposits are generally considered as general savings deposits account. Interest is paid at a lower rate in this account. In any case, if a large amount of money is withdrawn, then you have to give notice to the bank. Generally, these areas are seen to be more open in the city area. These accounts are suitable for low-income people. On this account, interest is paid at a lower rate.


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Special Savings Account

Special purpose or field, the special savings account that is opened, is called special savings account. Below are descriptions of several special savings accounts.

School Saving Account: In the school saving account, school-college students who are interested in the savings of money are called School Savings Account. Through this account, the students get the opportunity to save some money. This is the best and helpful idea to save some money at the time of the student.

Home Saving Account: For saving the house money which is deposited in the bank account, is called Home Savings Account. A home saving account would be required more for the family.

Labor Savings Account: According to the Savings Account, which is deposited as augmented bank savings deposit of workers, workers are declared as a labor savings Account.

Insurance Savings Account: In addition to the banking facility, through the Savings Account, the subscriber receives the insurance facility from the financial security besides the banking facility is called insurance savings account.

Pension Savings Account: With the savings account, the monthly pension till the fixed amount is paid and the pension benefit after the payment is available is called Pension Savings Account.

Difference Between Current Account and Savings Account

There are people from various professions and different income in our society. These people have different types of choices and needs, according to their convenience, arrangements have been made to open accounts in the bank. For example, current accounts, savings accounts, permanent accounts. According to this part, now you will see the difference between current account and saving account below.

Differences in Purpose

Current Account: The purpose of regular trading is to open the current account.

Deposit Account: Savings accounts are withdrawn, but the major for savings purposes.

Differences in Withdraw Money

Current Account: Money can be withdrawn as often as possible during the banking period.

Deposit Account: Money can also be withdrawn from this account. However, if the amount of money is more than the amount of notice beforehand to the bank.

Differences in Interest

Current Account: No profit or interest is available from this account,

Deposit Account: Profit or interest from this account is available.

Differences in Maximum deposit

Current Account: As the land does not have the maximum limit, so much money can be deposited.

Deposit Account: The deposit has the highest limit. Because of that reason, more money cannot be deposited.

Differences in Investment

Current Account: Deposit money cannot be invested in the current account.

Deposit Account: It is possible to invest money in the account of the Bank.

Finally, it is possible that the current accountant is more suitable for the industrialist category, but the Savings Account is particularly convenient for low-income job seekers, students, and small savings. So now I have completed the difference between current account and savings account. I hope you can achieve the article mindfully. If any additional information would be required to know then comment us using the comment option below.