DIY Tips for ant Control in Your Home


Ants even though they do not bring much harm to us, can be a nuisance sometimes. Those in the garden can be dangerous when compared to those trailing anything sweet in your home. You do not need to worry about getting rid of them; we have outlined seven homemade and cost-efficient tips on how to control ants in your home as well as your garden.

DIY Tips for ant Control
DIY Tips for ant Control


If you are looking for a faster way to get rid of ants from your property organically, then try vinegar. It is one of the effective homemade methods, and it works for other pests too. Mix equal amount of water and vinegar, and then spray the solution on the trails or entering paths of the ants in your house, and ant hills in your garden. The strong smell of veneer serves as a repellent to ants and other pesky insects.

Lemon Juice

Most insects hate the smell of citrus; it prevents them from entering your home, and it is acidic also block the natural scent markings they use to find their way to your home. Deep cotton balls inside the lemon juice and place on thresholds, windowsills, cabinets, and other parts of the house with ant activities.

Diatomaceous Earth

Getting tired of ants ruining your family picnic, backyard BBQ or garden tea party? Ants take whatever food they can get, cleaning up after each outdoors activities has solved 50% of your ant problems. Diatomaceous Earth can solve the remaining 50% for you; DE is a natural, human-friendly and non-toxic way of getting rid of ants, snails, and slugs from your garden. Sprinkle the plants, and anthills with Diatomaceous Earth, and say goodbye to ant’s infestation.

Coffee Grounds

If you want to stop ant activities in your garden, as well as enriching the soil, go for coffee grounds as your homemade remedy for exterminating these insects. Dust coffee grounds around the plants and anthills, the smell of the coffee grounds will block their scent trails while serving as yummy snacks for earthworms.

Cayenne Pepper

Ants detest the pungent smell of cayenne pepper; it disrupts the signals that ants use to communicate and move towards their nests. Sprinkle some pepper in their path to ward off ants. For a stronger barrier, mix cayenne pepper with turmeric powder, and watch the magic.

Fresh Garlic

Garlic is a threat to all household pesky pests; they cannot stand the repugnant smell, it drives them nuts! Place two peeled cloves of fresh garlic at the entry points of your home or close to their nest to send them packing.

Dish Soap

Dish soap works like magic; it ruptures and suffocates ants’ cells, making them dehydrate and die. Add one teaspoon of liquid dish soap inside a bowl of water, add baking soda and mix thoroughly. Spread the mixture on the paths where you see entering your home. You can also spray on running ant’s, but sure to clean up with a damp cloth.