Drone Camera | Best Drone For Still Photography

Drone revolution in still photography and aerial view is now on its peak. Now the question is how to find the best drone for still photography? To find the answer we did some research and tests of various drones.

The fastest growing tech is bringing best facilitation to the standard living of mankind. Of course, it’s human brain which is in a quest to make life convenient with the creation of life’s essential products. Drone Camera is one of those creations. Let us have a glance at the drone camera.

Best Drone For Still Photography
Best Drone For Still Photography

Best Drone For Still Photography

The first thing we should know about is the drone camera. A camera is a device to capture or record visual images in the form of photographs, film or videos.

Today every single being is aware of the camera. The way back to history if we see the invention and the super rapid development and growth in tech and spread of info, now it is easy to say that every single person (Kid and Adult) men and women are well aware of the term. Even kids demand a picture and make poses when they see the camera in your hand.

Though drone is around for years I would introduce it in short for knowhow. Well, guys, the word has a history and originated from old English word drān, drǣn, which means ‘male bee’. When we talk about an electric device, we thought of a missile or a remote-controlled pilotless aircraft.

Well, a nice drone would cost you a lot today in terms of finances. But you can also find cheap drones in the market. It purely depends on your own interest, skills, experience, and purpose of use. I personally used drones with the camera for photography and filming. You can find more on our shoppingthoughts online portal.

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Drone For Photography
Drone For Photography

Some of the drones listed here I used and experienced.

Yuneec Typhoon H PRO

DJI Phantom 4 Advance

DJI Phantom 3 PRO

GO PRO Karma

DJI Inspire 1 PRO

I am reviewing one of the best I experienced in my use. Believe me, this was the wonderful experience with this best drone for still photography.

DJI Phantom 4 PRO Review

A super wonderful device with a nice camera and battery life. When I saw the picture of this drone camera when it was first released. I was so excited to have it. Though this is purely for the money guys if you can afford it you should plan to have this drone camera.

Let’s know the real stuff about this drone camera!

A huge box came in when I first received this drone camera packing. If you compare this drone camera with Mavic or Karma the design is big. This one is designed purely for professionals and one of the best drone cameras for still photography.

You can also make aerial films and videos with DJI Phantom 4 Pro. If you want a best drone for still photography and you are a professional photographer. Covering weddings or events which could be captured from the top easily you should plan for having this one definitely.

You know what is really special about this?

Ah ha, I love this quality of this device. It has the features of returning home itself. The take-off and return home ability is rare in drones. For this feature, it is the most famous and popular among the drone lovers and professionals.

The DJI Phantom 4 app is making easy to control this drone camera. You would be easily able to operate it and also monitor your drone expediently. The camera on this drone would provide you 4k images and videos. During that time if you lost the data then you can take the help of a data recovery tool.

Just not that!!!

The 2.8 Lenses with the support of 12 megapixels of pictures is an amazing addition in this release. The Gimbals Stabilization Technology on this drone camera would give you super performance with great functions of excellent capture quality in the air and be moving around.

It is evolution brand in the field of drone cameras and popular among the masses for its features. DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone camera earned respect and reputation among the film makers and professionals for cinematography and film making because of its quality.

Let’s talk about its vision targets and battery life

Now your drone camera is equipped with down ward vision options and forward vision option with moving capabilities. Capture the scenes of your aesthetic sense from a height where a normal camera would not be able to reach for you.

You know fellas there is a 5350 mAh battery coming with this drone camera. Now you can fly for 40 minutes without any interruptions. The massive power backup you would ever imagine in such a powerful device.

Final Verdict

Being a professional in drone camera I would not deny the fact of this beautiful big design powerful drone for still photography. If you learned the ways and techniques of a drone and want to experience it for the next level. You should certainly go with this one. Plan to have this professional drone camera to experience the thrill.