Earn Money From Youtube Without Uploading Videos

Youtube is one of the biggest social giants. A lot of content is uploaded each and every second on Youtube. So for those who start new channels on Youtube, it becomes very tough to earn some income competition is becoming very tough there.

Moreover, there are people like me as well who don’t like to make video content. So In this post, we will discuss few methods through which we can earn money from Youtube without uploading videos and without making any Youtube channel.

Earn Money From Youtube

Earn Money From Youtube
Earn Money From Youtube

We will talk about 100% legit methods in this article. So Let us kick-start the discussion:-

Method 1: – Sell Channel arts and other customized items for Youtubers

Customized Tshirts, Hoodies etc. and services like Channel arts designing services, logo designing services are usually required by Youtubers. Most of the Youtubers use these items these days and what I think is Youtube should start one official store providing all these items to Youtubers at a low cost.

But as there is not any such particular service targeting Youtubers yet, you can grab this opportunity by starting such business. If you are not yourself good at graphic designing this is a must to grab the opportunity for you.

Else, You have to hire some professionally skilled people for this. There are competitors like Vistaprint and Printland but the thing is none of them are specifically targeted towards Youtubers so your business can work fine.

Hence you can start a shop for services that revolve around Youtube and Youtubers and make some good money.

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Method 2: – Provide Youtube SEO Services

Again this is something revolving around Youtube and its services but still, it’s a good idea you can try.

In this, you can provide Youtube SEO (SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization) services which can help people rank their videos higher than their competitors in Youtube search results and gain more traffic and subscribers.

You can sell Youtube SEO services if you have knowledge of SEO. If you want to learn Youtube SEO, you can read this guide: Youtube SEO Guide By Backlinko.

You can sell your services later at freelancing platforms like Fiverr or you can get your own website for its purpose. Even making a Blog is not a bad idea. You can read this guide for details: How to Make a Blog For Free

Method 3: – Youtube Directory

Ever heard of a blog directory! These are just the websites where people submit their blogs and websites so that they can get some visitors. More specifically you can say that it is a place where all blogs live together.

Although these blog directories are not much popular these days but still there are many which have strong existence in the blogging world.

Now: “First of all, I want to make clear that This idea does not revolve around making a blog directory so those readers who are even unaware of the idea of blogging can keep reading this post”

This idea revolves around making a Youtube directory. You can also consider that it is just like a Youtube channel that features the best content from each Youtube channel.

Now let me explain to you what is the complete idea:- See first of all you have to make a Youtube channel and a website. After that, you had to contact Youtubers and you will ask them for the one best videos related to their channel.

After reviewing their video which accordingly to them is their best piece of content, you will upload that video on your channel after that Youtubers permission. Hence you will accept one video submission from each blog free of cost.

Below this video, you will post a link of Facebook page of that Youtuber and link to his Youtube channel so if someone likes that video he or she can subscribe to the channel.

After that, if any channel wants to upload more than one video on your Youtube directory you will charge him with some specific amount of money.

Hence, the profit it will give to Youtubers is that they will able to reach more audiences and the profit it will give you is that you will be able to make good money. Hence both parties will be benefited from this.

These are the three unique ideas using which you can make money from Youtube without uploading videos.