Easy DIY Fixes for Common Household Appliances

Most household appliances are used daily. Frequently used machinery is bound to break loose calling for fixes. Whether it the leaky washing machine or under-cooling refrigerator, appliance failures happen to everyone. Most of them need professional repairs as the circuits are not so easy to understand.

You may have attended the Physics class in high school and consider it enough, but it is not the case. Each appliance has a unique build and fixing them with insufficient knowledge can do more harm than good.

DIY Fixes for Common Household Appliances

It is highly suggested to hire professionals for Appliance Repair in Gainesville VA. If you are thinking about the DIY fixes, this post is about the easy fixes that do not require professional expertise.

They are more maintenance tips that restore the appliance and make it work again. At times you can save hundreds of dollars and hours of wait with easy DIY fixes.

Safety Check

  • Here are a few precautionary measures before you get your hands on the easy fixes.
  • Beware of electricity hazards. Always unplug the appliances before you start working.
  • Never work with wet hands or clothes around the appliances. Water exposes you to the risk of electrocution.
  • Always wear proper shoes when you are working with appliances.
  • Take images of the appliance before fixing them. Putting them back together is easier.
  • Keep the children and pets confined at a safe place during the repairs and fixes.

Easy DIY Fixes

1. Refrigerator


  • If you find your refrigerator not cooling enough, check the thermostat settings. This is often the case when you have little kids at your home. They love to mess up with anything accessible.
  • When the refrigerator won’t start, check the power cords. Loose plugs may be the reason. Readjust the plug in the socket and you are good to go.
  • Poor refrigeration may be the result of overloading. De-clutter the shelves to keep the load as per the capacity of your refrigerator.
  • Cleaning the coils at the back of the fridge can improve cooling efficiency.

2. Stoves and Oven

Stoves and Oven

  • Kitchen stoves generally stop working when the igniter is clogged with greasy grime and debris. All you need to do is to clean the stove. Use an old toothbrush or needles to unclog the pores.
  • The dirt may be falling from the vent hood. A lot of homeowners clean the stoves but forget about the vents above. Clean the vents from time to time.
  • Liquid and food spills can worsen the situation. A thorough cleaning can easily fix the issue.
  • If you see any glitches with the electrical oven, take a look at the power cord.
  • Arrange proper ventilation to avoid heating the kitchen appliances.
  • You can always hire professionals for Oven Repair in Gainesville.

3. Washing Machine

Washing Machine

  • It is super annoying when your washing machine suddenly stops. At times the only issue is water drainage. If the water is not draining, check the pipes for clogs. A stick can be used to unclog the pipes.
  • If the washing machine is taking forever to fill up, the lint screen may be blocked. Remove the filter and clean it with water and detergent. You can use a soft brush for a quick clean.
  • Is your washing machine wobbling? The most probable causes are overloading and uneven spread of clothes. Unplug the machine and disperse the clothes evenly.
  • When the washing machine is placed on uneven floors, it can get shaky. Ensure that the legs are in alignment and it is placed on even floors.

4. Dryer



  • Dryers can cause house fires. A major portion of house fires begins in the laundries. Lint buildup is the main culprit. Use lint screens and clean them occasionally.
  • Changing the thermal fuse is very easy. You don’t need some great skills to accomplish that. Read the instructions manual provided by the manufacturer. Buy a thermal fuse for the specific model.
  • The next step is to unplug the dryer. Open the back panel with a screwdriver. You will find the thermal fuse. Take it out and simply replace it with a new one. Put back the panel and secure it.
  • When you can’t identify the problem, it is best to hire professionals for Dryer Repair in Gainesville.

5. HVAC System and Dehumidifier

HVAC System and Dehumidifier

Summers are here with long and sunny days. All of us are counting on our HVAC systems for comfortable indoors. If your air conditioner is not working properly, try the following easy DIY fixes.

  • Clean the filters or replace them if they are too old. The clogged filters significantly affect the cooling efficiency of the system. You will notice a significant change in cooling efficiency after filter cleaning.
  • If you smell dampness or foul smells, hire duct cleaning services to get rid of mold.
  • Adjust the thermostat to manage comfortable indoor temperatures.
  • When you can’t spot any issue with the HVAC system, take a look at your house insulation. You have to check the door and window caulking. Fix any cracks that leak cold air. Fix the weather stripping of your exterior doors.

6. Water Heater

Water Heater

Most of the issues with water heaters need professional Water Heater Repair in Gainesville VA. You can check the power plugs before calling the professionals. Any changes with the thermostat can also cause a problem. Drain the water tank to remove all the debris and sediment.

7. Dishwasher

  • If you want to avoid hiring professional Dishwasher Repair in Gainesville, keep it clean. Messy dishwasher breaks more frequently.
  • Use baking soda and vinegar to remove unpleasant odors.

As you can see there are multiple easy DIY fixes for household appliances. One does not need professional expertise to take care of them. Careful cleaning hands can fix a lot of issues. Maintain a steady power supply and look after the capacities of appliances to avoid overloading them.