7 Simple and Easy Tips to Keep Your Apartment Organized


Having your own apartment is great. But keeping it clean, pristine, and organized? – Not so much. That itself takes dedication and a chunk of your time.

Whether you’re a fully employed busy bee, a stay-at-home mom, or a university student – there’s rarely enough time to get your apartment organized.

Keep Your Apartment Organized

Keep Your Apartment Organized
Keep Your Apartment Organized

Nonetheless, there are ways you can make sure you never have a disorganized apartment ever again. It’s going to take a little patience and due diligence from your part, nothing more.

The rest, leave it to us.

We’re providing 7 simple and easy tips that will help you to keep your apartment super organized. Basically, make your life much much easier as well.

Let’s get right to it!

1. Not Enough Space? Improvise!

We get it, there are things you absolutely need to keep around the apartment. Then there are things that you don’t need which are just occupying space. Space you can use for something else!

Living in an apartment means you’ll likely have no personal garage, shed or a basement. This is where the storage unit comes. If you have too many things with limited space available, get a storage unit.

There are many affordable storage units these days. Dig around where you live and you’ll surely find one. It’ll help to declutter your apartment from all the things you don’t need around the house.

Once you see how much space you actually have in your own apartment, you can find different ways to use that. Not to mention, you’ll probably have more space to walk around the apartment without tripping over something.

2. Organize Your Laundry

Most of us have a bad habit of leaving our clothes lying around the house. We even make a mess while getting ready in the morning and return to that mess when we come back.

Well, instead of making a mess a simple laundry hamper can help you get out of it.

The best option would be to invest in a laundry hamper with a lid. This will help minimize you leaving your clothes lying around, or piling them up on a chair.

Make sure to get a size that can hold at least a week’s worth of your clothes. The lid is important here because it will keep your clothes covered and make your room (and chair) look more inviting, clean, and spacious.

3. No Room For Dirty Dishes

It’s hard to clean up dirty dishes after you’ve spent the whole evening cooking meals for your family. Cleaning dirty dishes, in general, is exhausting.

It may seem impossible to keep your kitchen sink be completely free of dirty dishes, but it’s actually not. It’s hard to clean up dirty dishes immediately after you’ve eaten.

Set a rule around your family or roommate. Whoever cooks meals in the house gets to have a free pass at doing the dishes. Or one person does the dishes and the other person dries them.

You can take turns, do the dishes instead of cooking and vice versa. Once you get into this habit, it’ll get much easier. If you live alone, you have to do the dishes yourself and need to be consistent with it.

The goal here is to keep your kitchen neat and clean. A clean kitchen feels nice to cook in.

4. You’ve Got Mail!

Even though everything is mostly digital these days, you still somehow end up getting junk mail. Whether it’s in the virtual mailbox or a real one, they can be tough to deal with.

If not taken care of right away, they’ll keep piling up. Magazine subscriptions, flyers and leaflets, spam and junk mail, or newspapers you don’t even read anymore.

Make sure you check your mailbox every week to avoid having a pileup. Throw away what’s not necessary and keep the important ones only. Make your life easier, be smart.

If you’re worried about throwing something away that you might use later, there are many online sites that offer latest coupons and sale information. Go digital and get rid of unwanted waste!

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5. Make Your Bed, Keep It Clean

This is probably the most important tip we can give you. Making your bed is a very good habit to have. Not only will it keep your bed clean, but it will also make you a tidy and organized person.

A clean bed means it’s dust free. Changing the sheets and dusting the pillows are all vital when it comes to keeping your bedroom organized.

Clothes tend to pile up on beds too when there’s not enough space on the chair. Let’s avoid that, it will only make your room look more unappealing.

It’s an extremely useful habit to develop. Seeing a clean bed will make you feel refreshed after a long, hard day’s work is worth the effort you put in. Reward yourself with small treats like this, and you’ll be in happier spirits!

6. Declutter Your Apartment

The more things you have, chances are the more dust they are collecting.

Every apartment or a house has knickknacks. This is why it’s important to get rid of things that take up space and just keep gathering dust.

Make sure you keep up your vacuum routine. If you have a pet, a pet cleaning vacuum will make cleaning and organizing a lot easier.

Collecting dust and makes the environment in your apartment look more uninviting as each day passes.

Focus on your bedroom and the rooms you spend time in the most. Get rid of unnecessary knickknacks, organize and clean regularly. Keep the dust and clutter free. Living alongside dust is not a healthy choice of life.

7. Organize Your Cabinets

Whether it’s a medicine cabinet or just a random cabinet, keep them organized. Throw away your old medicines, beauty products, used toothbrushes, and makeup brushes.

Instead of trying to cram your products into a cabinet, keep only the things you need and regularly use. It’s not a pleasant sight when you have to turn your whole house upside down looking for one small thing.

Everything should have their own place in the apartment. So that you can find them easily next time instead of making a mess. Install a designated drawer or a separate cabinet to hold your makeup products and medicines exclusively.

Final Thoughts

Organizing is a slow process, it takes time. But once you start you’ll notice how easy your life has become. Do the little things every day and get to organizing bigger things slowly and gradually.

This can be a whole new routine for you, to be tidy and clutter free. Not to mention, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time. Minimalistic lifestyle is all the rage nowadays anyway.

We hope our tips help you become super organized. You can even share pointers with your friends and family, impress them with your cleanliness.

Plus, there’s no greater feeling than when you go home and find everything to be just perfectly organized!

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