Engineer your Life with Alex Becker


One day can make a huge difference, and this is one of the core cycles in your life. You may probably experience about 29,000 days in this lifetime, so you may want to make each one of them count. If you’re going to become successful in your online career, you may want to develop a practical habit. Some may say that a habit is not essential, but a single one can change the whole course of your life, especially if you’re going to do it thousands of times.

Engineer your Life with Alex Becker

Engineering your day will require a different outlook in making decisions. Instead of you wanting to get promoted, moving to a new city, or getting a new relationship will make you feel, you’re essentially asking yourself how it will affect your daily life.

Some online personalities like Alex Becker will teach you about a minimalist life. You focus essentially on what’s essential to improve your business and do away with the distractions. Check out the link and see how you can further engineer your life in the best way possible. With these websites that serve as a guide, you’ll be able to develop your full potential and other capabilities that will help you achieve great things.

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More About Engineering your Life

The process can include eating healthier, changing your diet, starting an exercise routine, going to the gym, getting a good night’s sleep, and reading helpful books. You may also consider changing the way you’re browsing the internet or answering emails. All of these things may sound unimportant at first, but they will add up to your growth in the long run.

Routinely Quantifying Everything

You can never tackle the ghosts even if they are in front of you. This means that the habits should be tangible, so you’ll be able to make changes to them. You can alter them in a way that will make your life easier. When you’re fighting your way through the jungle of emails, social media, advertising, video content, and a lot more, you will never have a view of the overall picture from the top of the highest tree.

Engineer your Life with Alex Becker

Some of the routines may not be broken into clean numbers. Instead, you need to have a look at how your habits can influence your life daily. In order to help you out, you need to measure them, and some of the valuable things to do are the following:

1. Time Logs

You need to know how you’re actually spending your time. Carry a notepad and write about the days you’re starting an activity. After this, break everything into raw data and see the trends of spending most of your waking hours.

2. Writing your Expenses and Finances

It’s worth noting about things like where you’ve spent your hard-earned money. This will require you to focus on each expense and record them for almost a month or two. This way, you can keep track of where your money is going. For example, you can be surprised to know that the prices of soda, coffee, and a pack of cigarettes can add to an enormous amount over time if you’re not careful. Read more tips about financial management on this site here.

3. Productivity Records

These fields needed to be as specific as possible. If you deem something as important, you need to have a particular log for it, like your business, health, work, or school. The idea is to write your accomplishments after the money and time that you’ve invested.

Upgrade your Habits

When you have a broad viewpoint on how your daily spending and actions affect your life, you now have a good idea about changing your habits. Of course, this can be a prolonged process that requires willpower. But, in reality, this can be helpful and interesting when you are given a chance to change the overall core of what a typical day is like for you and it may include eating healthier food.

Engineer your Life with Alex Becker

Your habits are not that difficult to change. Some suggestions are backed by years of research, and others are simple enough to do. Some of the things to consider are the following:

1. Go Slow with Everything

Do one trial at a time and give yourself time to adjust. If you’re trying to do everything fast, this can be enough reason for you to fail. A slight modification to engineer your day should be a trial involving lots of patience, which does not necessarily have to do with motivation.

2. Consistency

The trial needs to be executed consistently and daily. Examples are doing yoga or going into the gym every Friday. It would be best if you were consistent to form the habits well, and you can try a variety of approaches when you have wired your brain to follow a weekly schedule.

3. Replacing the Lost Needs

Many people are unwilling to undergo the change because they don’t know the full impact of upgrading. This can be a metaphor like you’re actually “engineering” your habits because the improvements you’re going to make should align with what you’re already doing. If you feel deprived, you may want a newer strategy and a lot of willpower to propel yourself into success.

A Newer Look into the Most Significant Decisions

One of the final impacts of engineering your life includes looking at the big decisions with a new perspective. Ask yourself about the things you wanted to change; if you wanted to switch jobs, you might want to emphasize your work, family, career, learning, self-growth, etc. Know if you’re going to build your business first or start your own family.

Engineer your Life with Alex Becker

These things won’t give you easy answers, but satisfaction can be reached by making mistakes and learning from them. Look for opportunities that are abundant around you. The idea is in creating an outlook of your daily life is to look at the experience that you have and asking yourself about the changes that you want to make.

In theory, this can be easy, but it’s hard to implement in real life. This is why you need new tools to guide you on what you should be doing when you get up and before going to sleep.