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Muay Thai has been a secret practice, a millenary tradition, and part of battle tactics; it is now becoming recognized worldwide and practiced in Thailand and all over the world, and it seems it won’t stop growing. Fitness enthusiasts are showing increasing interest in this martial art for the last years, and it is quite interesting to see how the tradition of one country is slowly becoming a trend among those who care about their health. But why is Muay Thai entering such spheres lately?

Enter Suwit Gym

Muay Thai training camp

Typically known as the art of the eight limbs, Muay Thai is one of the few martial arts that do not focus on kicks over punches or vice versa; it is not only meant to throw down your adversary, and it won’t be limited to using an instrument every time. Instead, your body will become your own weapon, and you will be able to use all of your articulations –including the eight limbs you’ve never realized you had- to deliver a systematic and strategic shower of blows to your adversary.

In the process, Muay Thai has become one of the deadliest martial arts, but it is by no means meant to make people violent. The whole point of Muay Thai is to increase your levels of fitness, learn how to defend yourself, and grow an equivalent amount of confidence and self-control. In the process, it will also bring a plethora of benefits to your physical appearance and your health.

Suwit Gym

One of the things people look for in Muay Thai is not a deadly martial art but a fast and enjoyable approach to lose weight and improve their looks. In this regard, Muay Thai at Suwit gym or  http://www.suwit-gym.com combines aerobic training with bodyweight training to deliver a complete weight loss pack that will burn up to 700 calories per session while having fun and enjoying with your friends. No more boring cardio. Speedy metabolism. That’s why people prefer Muay Thai.

On the other hand, we can’t stop mentioning how important this sport is to reduce cardiovascular risk and improve your endocrine health. Your heart will learn to pump harder and deliver more oxygen, your blood glucose, and lipid levels will be more easily controlled with your diet and lifestyle, and your energy levels will increase exponentially.

Such an ancient practice is now becoming a trend because it is not about blows and violence. It is not only meant as a self-defense mechanism only. It is a fun and exciting way to look better, feel better, and solve a few health problems that deeply trouble patients and health authorities in general. That’s why we welcome you to our training camps, which are found in Thailand and are meant to give you all the tools you need to start learning this demanding discipline and having fun at the same time.